Patient Satisfaction

Enhancing the patient experience

We understand that patients don't measure quality care—they experience it. The Service Excellence Program is a multi-year effort to improve patient service through workshop trainings, and pilot program development and feedback surveys. The Service Excellence Department at Stanford Hospital & Clinics solicits feedback and develops improvement programs to ensure that patients' concerns are heard and addressed.

CARE response program  

The SHC CARE Response Program is the newest program initiated at Stanford Hospital to meet the needs and concerns of hospitalized patients and family members. Responding to frustration from patients and caregivers calling the Hospital for information, Stanford created a single access phone number that directs callers to a person instead of voicemail. Speaking to a live person who can route calls to the proper destination has created a more positive patient experience and improved care coordination.

The CARE Response Program expands on the improved phone access program by  allowing hospitalized patients and their family members to call a hotline if a noticeable medical change in the patient occurs when the health care team is not present, or when the health care team is not responding to the patient's or family member's concern. The hotline is also used if there is a breakdown in communication or confusion about the care plan. When the hotline is called, a senior registered nurse quickly responds to evaluate the patient and elicit the appropriate resources to remedy the need or concern.