SAFETY AND CELLULAR AND HUMORAL IMMUNE-RESPONSES OF A BOOSTER DOSE OF VARICELLA VACCINE 6 YEARS AFTER PRIMARY IMMUNIZATION JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES Watson, B., Rothstein, E., Bernstein, H., ARBETER, A., Arvin, A., Chartrand, S., CLEMENTS, D., Kumar, M. L., Reisinger, K., Blatter, M., Starr, S. E., Staehle, B., Ngai, A., White, C. J. 1995; 172 (1): 217-219


Four hundred nineteen children and adolescents immunized with live varicella vaccine 4-6 years earlier were enrolled in a study to evaluate the safety and immune response to a booster dose containing approximately 3300 pfu of virus. Of the subjects, 99% (414/419) maintained antibody to varicella zoster virus (VZV) with a geometric mean titer of 25.7 and mean stimulation index (SI) for VZV-specific lymphoproliferation response of 40.3 +/- 5.3 (SE). Some 7-10 days after the booster immunization, seropositivity rates increased to 100% (302/302), and GMT was 143.6 (anamnestic response). At 6 weeks after the booster inoculation, a subset of subjects had 100% seropositivity (74/74) with a GMT of 218.8 and an SI of 58.6. After 3 months, seropositivity was 100% (358/358), GMT was 119.0, and SI was 61.4.

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