Iron: the new advances in therapy. Best practice & research. Clinical anaesthesiology Auerbach, M., Goodnough, L. T., Shander, A. 2013; 27 (1): 131-140


Conditions known as iron-deficiency syndromes are very common in various patient populations, and they can adversely affect the outcomes of the patients, in addition to increasing their risk of getting transfused. Iron-deficiency syndromes include absolute iron deficiency (absence of storage iron), functional iron deficiency (when demand for iron exceeds the supply in face of intense stimulation erythropoiesis) and iron sequestration (in which existing storage iron becomes unavailable); these conditions often co-exist in hospitalised patients, making the diagnosis and management more difficult. Nonetheless, iron is emerging as a safe and effective therapy in patients suffering from these conditions. Notably, several intravenous iron formulations are available and they can be used safely and effectively to restore the body iron levels (possibly even in a single treatment episode). Data from ongoing clinical trials are expected to further establish the role of these products in treatment of patients with anaemia.

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