The effect of brefeldin A on terbutaline-induced sodium absorption in fetal rat distal lung epithelium PFLUGERS ARCHIV-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY Ito, Y., Niisato, N., OBRODOVICH, H., Marunaka, Y. 1997; 434 (4): 492-494


We studied the effect of brefeldin A, which inhibits the intracellular trafficking of membrane proteins from the cytosolic pool to the cell surface, on terbutaline (a beta2-specific adrenergic agonist)-induced alterations in ion transport by primary monolayer cultures of fetal rat distal lung epithelium. The amiloride-sensitive short circuit current (Isc) increased 2.5-fold 50 min after application of terbutaline (10 microM) from basolateral side; this response was abolished by pretreatment with brefeldin A (1 microg/ml). Brefeldin A did not suppress the Na+/K+ pump capacity. Single channel patch clamp experiments demonstrated that terbutaline increased the density of amiloride-sensitive Na+-permeable nonselective cation channels on the apical cell membrane and this action was blocked by brefeldin A. These observations suggest that beta2-specific adrenergic agonists promote the trafficking of amiloride sensitive Na+-permeable nonselective cation channels to the apical cell surface.

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