SHC Education Courses

Stanford Center for Education and Professional Development (CEPD) supports educational opportunities going on within Stanford Health Care. We will host your courses in our classrooms, place your content on our secure web pages and facilitate getting BRN approval for courses offered throughout SHC.

Obtaining BRN approval

Please refer to the below requests and attached documents to help begin your BRN request.

  • CE approval is granted for one class date only.
  • If you plan to offer the same class multiple times throughout the year, you must submit all dates in your initial BRN application.
  • If there are changes to the content, speakers, agenda, etc., after approval was granted, you must reapply for CE approval.

Before the event

At least 4 weeks prior to the event, please email with the following:

  1. Behavioral objectives (by the end of the day, the participant will be able to . . . identify, describe, formulate, classify, describe, differentiate, etc.)
  2. Agenda - a detailed course outline/program agenda indicating time/length of each lecture
  3. Course description - target population, event location, and registration process (if there is a registration fee, per BRN regulations, you must also include a cancellation policy)
  4. CV, resume or bio for each speaker (which the CE Center may already have on file)
  5. Content Tracking Form, one per course (form attached, this helps us track education provided to our nurses, which we are required to track for Magnet purposes)

After the event

After the event, before CE certificates can be printed, please submit:

  1. Original sign-in roster
  2. Original individual evaluations (template attached which you can modify)
  3. Payments, if any, for CE Certificates – NO CASH (see attached policy).

After receiving the first 4 documents, we can then prepare your class file for our Content Expert to review/approve CEs.