Friends of Nursing

Friends of Nursing (FON) is a philanthropic organization founded in 1981 dedicated to promoting professional excellence in nursing practices at Stanford Hospital & Clinics (SHC). In this capacity, Friends of Nursing awards up to ten grants annually of up to $1,800 each to fund activities that will impact and benefit patient care practices at SHC.

Grant areas of study include Nursing Research, Evidence Based Practice, Quality Improvement and Patient Education. Friends of Nursing also oversees the distribution of the Betty Cretekos Scholarship, which was founded in 2004.

Nurses who are interested in pursuing a grant can complete a FON Grant Application form. The deadline for submission is mid-April and mid-November of each year. Prior to completing an application, please review the grant criteria. Awards recipients are determined by a panel of 5 reviewers which consist of representation from Nursing Research, Education and Advanced Practice. Grant funds are distributed in May and December to awardees.

Support for Friends of Nursing is provided by funds raised through volunteer efforts and donations from grateful patients and families.

Friends of Nursing grants have enabled SHC nurses to complete meaningful projects that have positively impacted nursing practice and the patient experience.

Examples of projects that Friends of Nursing grants have been used for include:

Lynda Copeland-Fields developed the project "Cultivating Information Literacy Among E2 Staff Members." The descendant of that program is a free "Information Literacy Class" that is open to all staff nurses. The class is offered several times a year and is now sponsored by the Research Council.

Chia-Yu Yang-Lu and Linda Ottoboni conducted a research study "To determine the Factors Contributing to Phlebitis in Patients Receiving Peripherally Infused Amiodarone." The results of this study have been published and presented at a national meeting by these and other authors on the team.

Heidi Salisbury produced wallet sized laminated cards for patients of their current abnormal baseline ECGs, which they would have immediately available for health care workers in the event of an emergency.

Betty Cretekos scholarship

This scholarship is named for Betty Cretekos. Betty was a founding member of the original Board of Directors of Friends of Nursing as well as a staff nurse who strongly advocated for nurses at the bedside. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage staff nurses to participate in their professional organizations by supporting their ability to attend national meetings.

This scholarship provides up to $1,500 to cover air and hotel expenses for meetings. Up to four scholarships are awarded annually; two during Nurse Week and two at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Staff eligible for this award includes Assistant Patient Care Managers, Clinic and Hospital Staff Nurses. Only meetings in the United States or Canada are considered.

Nurses interested in applying for the Betty Cretekos scholarship may fill out an application. Interested parties should review scholarship criteria. The deadline for submission is: mid-April and mid-May each year.