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Support to Navigate Challenging Health Conditions

Stanford Coordinated Care is a team of medical professionals and care coordinators who help people with chronic illnesses lead a healthy life and smoothly navigate their health care experiences. Services include:

  • Assistance in managing chronic illness
  • Coordination of medical care no matter how many specialists you see
  • Primary care at our clinic or in collaboration with your primary care provider
Coordinated Care
211 Quarry Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: 650-724-1800 Getting Here
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211 Quarry Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: 650-724-1800 Getting Here

Our Doctors

Care and Treatment of Chronic Illnesses

Service Offerings

Stanford Coordinated Care (SCC) will offer two services:

Primary Care Plus

Patients who choose this offering will be asked to temporarily use SCC for their primary care needs, although they will also be able to see their current primary care physician if they so choose. This model will bring behavioral and medical resources to bear that are rarely affordable within a primary care setting. Patients will have their co-pays waived for visits with SCC. They will have a care coordinator who will be able to perform home visits and attend SCC primary care and specialty visits with the patient (as their advocate). SCC will have RNs, licensed clinical social workers, and physical therapists on staff.

Primary Care Plus benefits
  • $0 copay at SCC to see your provider and care team*
    *If you are a member of the Stanford University High Deductible PPO Plan, a contribution by your employer will be made for the initial months of participation. For Hospital employees in the PPO plan, if you have not met the deductible the Hospital will make a contribution towards the cost for the initial months of participation, subject to Union approval.
  • 24/7 direct access to a member of your care team, for enrolled patients (which includes a physician, nurse, social worker, physical therapist, and care coordinator).
  • Same day and next day clinic appointments for urgent needs
  • A care coordinator with time to listen and help you plan and access your care
  • Access to Stanford's Better Choices, Better Health online chronic disease self-management workshop
  • Pharmacist review of your medications
  • Coordination of your complex care needs

Chronic Care Support

This option will offer personal face-to-face RN and LCSW care support to help patients navigate and coordinate their health care journey. While the nurses and LCSWs will have the physicians as consultants to the service, SCC will not be supplying their primary care, which would remain the current primary care physician's (PCP) responsibility. We would like the current PCP to be available to SCC's care support team via phone, fax, and secure email, and to keep the team informed of any change in treatment plans or other information (e.g. lab results, specialty consults).

Chronic Care Support benefits
  • $0 to see your care team*
    *Chronic Care Support services are paid for directly by your employer.
  • A care support team member with time to listen and help you plan and access your care
  • Develop a personalized care plan and attain personal health goals
  • Access information about medications, procedures, and diagnoses
  • Gain personal insight through individual visits and/or group seminars
  • Coordination of your complex care needs

Stanford Coordinated Care

At Stanford Coordinated Care, individual care coordinators help patients with appointments and medication refills, and find answers to their medical questions.

For Patients

Stanford Health Care (formerly Stanford Hospital & Clinics) is known worldwide for the advanced patient care provided by its doctors and staff.  We also provide a wide range of guest services and amenities to our patients and visitors. Learn more about preparing for a hospital stay, billing and financial services, and our other support programs in Patients & Visitors.  

Stanford Coordinated Care is a benefit available to active Stanford University and Hospital employees and their adult dependents covered by Blue Shield and UMR insurance plans.


Please call us first before going directly to the emergency room unless you feel that you cannot safely wait a few minutes to speak to us.

We will make every effort to offer you an appointment the next day for urgent problems if the problem can safely wait until morning.

In major emergencies, call 911 for an ambulance or proceed directly to the nearest emergency room.

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For Health Care Professionals


Phone: 1-866-742-4811
Fax: 650-320-9443
Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Stanford Health Care (formerly Stanford Hospital & Clinics) provides comprehensive services to refer and track patients, as well as provides the latest information and news for physicians and office staff. For help with all referral needs and questions visit Referring Physicians.


Fax a referral form with supporting documentation to 650-320-9443.

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