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The Foot and Ankle Service specializes in disorders and diseases of the foot and ankle in adult, young adult and teenage patients. We treat a large spectrum of problems through both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

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Foot pain and problems

Foot pain and problems can be caused by genetics, footwear, overuse and injury resulting in pain, inflammation, and limited movement and mobility.

Sprains and strains

A sprain is a stretch and/or tear of a ligament, the fibrous band of connective tissue that joins the end of one bone with another. A strain is an injury of a muscle and/or tendon.

Sports and fractures

Stress fractures are common sport injuries, usually caused by overuse, such as increasing the amount or intensity of an activity too rapidly, or the result of unfamiliar surface, improper equipment, and increased physical stress.

Fractures of the ankle

A fractured ankle can range from a simple break in one bone, to several fractures, which forces the ankle out of place. The more bones that are broken, the more unstable the ankle and ligaments become.

Fractures of the foot

The bones in the foot may be broken in many ways including direct blows, crush injuries, falls, and overuse or stress. Metatarsal fractures are the most common traumatic foot injuries.

Ankle sprains and ligament tear

A sprained ankle is a common medical condition where one or more of the ligaments of the ankle is torn or partially torn. 

Ankle arthritis

Arthritis of the ankle may be caused by degenerative wear and tear, inflammatory arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis that develops after an injury. 

Congenital deformities

Congenital foot deformities can range from flat feet, high arched feet, hammertoes or more complex conditions such as clubfoot or cleftfoot.

Neurologic deformities

Injury to the brain or spinal cord often affects the brains control of the muscles in the arms and legs and can lead to severe loss of movement or muscular deformaties such as adult club foot.

OCD of the talus

A joint disorder in which cracks form in the articular cartilage and the underlying subchondral bones of the back of the foot, usually caused by a twisting injury.


A protrusion of bone or tissue around a joint, occurring most often at the base of the great toe or at the base of the little toe, when the joint is stressed over a period of time by arthritis, foot spread, or tight, pointed shoes.


A deformity of the toe, in which the toe buckles, causing the middle joint to poke out.

Achilles tendon tear

Inflammation or minor tears of the tendon that connects the back of the calf to the heel, caused by overuse or injury.

Tendonitis or foot and ankle tendon tears

Inflammation or minor tears of the tendon that connects the back of the calf to the heel, caused by overuse or injury.

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