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The Stanford Clinical Neurogenetic Oncology Program is the first clinic in Northern California to offer world-class care for patients with clinical neurogenetic disorders, which can cause tumors to grow inside the brain, spinal cord, organs, skin and skeletal bones.

Neurogenetic Oncology Program
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300 Pasteur Drive
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Clinical neurogenetic syndrome is a broad term for a group of neurologic (brain, spine, and peripheral nerve) disorders. These diseases are life-long conditions that can cause tumors to grow inside the brain, spinal cord, organs, skin, and skeletal bones.

Types of clinical neurogenetic syndromes include the following:

Tuberous sclerosis (TS)

A rare multi-system genetic disease that causes non-malignant tumors to grow in the brain and on other vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs, and skin.


Inherited disorders of the nervous system which affect how nerve cells form and grow, causing tumors to grow on nerves.

Sturge-Weber disease

A rare congenital neurological and skin disorder characterized by a port-wine stain located on the face, typically near or around the eye and forehead area. Individuals may also experience seizures, muscle weakness, changes in vision, and mental retardation.

Schwannomatosis, schwannomas

A genetic disorder that results in tumors, called schwannomas, on peripheral nerves throughout the body.

Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome

A hereditary condition associated with blood vessel tumors of the brain, spinal cord, and eye.

Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT)

A genetic disorder that leads to abnormal blood vessel formation in the skin, mucous membranes, and often in organs, such as the lungs, liver, and brain.


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