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The Orthopaedic Spine Center is designed to work with patients with spinal disorders and their families to improve quality of life through innovative approaches to diagnosis, treatment, research, and patient education.

Orthopaedic Spine Center
450 Broadway Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
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450 Broadway Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone: 650-725-5905 Getting Here

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Conditions Treated

Ankylosing spondylitis

A type of arthritis that affects the spine, causing inflammation of the spine and large joints, resulting in stiffness and pain. 

Cervical radiculopathy/myelopathy

Cervical radiculopathy is the result of injury to or compression of the root of a nerve in the neck. Cervical myelopathy affects the spinal cord in the neck rather than the nerve root.

Flat back/fixed sagittal imbalance

A type of deformity where loss of the normal sway of the lumbar spine causes the torso and head to pitch forward relative to the hips and pelvis.

Herniated disc

A spine condition in which a tear in the outer, fibrous ring of an intervertebral disc allows the soft, central portion to bulge out beyond the damaged outer rings, pressing on nerve roots and causing pain, weakness, numbness and other symptoms.


A curving of the spine that causes a bowing or rounding of the back, which leads to a hunchback or slouching posture.

Low back pain

Pain in the lower back which can range from mild, dull, annoying pain to persistent, severe, disabling pain and can restrict mobility and interfere with normal functioning.

Neck pain

Neck pain can result from many different causes, from congenital conditions, tumors, injury to the muscles, tendons and/or ligaments, to inflammatory disease such as arthritis.


Pain that originates along the sciatic nerve, the primary nerve of the leg, and the largest nerve in the entire body.


A curvature of the spine measuring 10 degrees or greater on X-ray, can occur in any part of the spine.

Spinal stenosis

An abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal that may occur in any of the regions of the spine and restriction to the spinal canal, resulting in a neurological deficit.

Spine fractures

A condition in which the bones of the spinal column become broken due to injury or illness.

Spinal cord injury, spinal trauma

A traumatic injury that can either result in a bruise, partial tear, or a complete tear in the spinal cord, resulting in decreased mobility, sensation, and body organ function below the level of the injury.


Spondylolysis is a defect or fracture of part of the vertebral bones that usually occurs in the fifth lumbar vertebra and, less commonly, in the fourth lumbar vertebra.  Spondylisthesis is a slippage of one vertebral body on top of another.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate a new medical approach, device, drug, or other treatment. As a Stanford Health Care patient, you have access to the latest, advanced clinical trials.

Open trials refer to studies currently accepting participants. Closed trials are not currently enrolling, but may open in the future.

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