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Stanford University School of Medicine is one of the world's leading medical centers. The Adult Plastic Surgery Clinic, part of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, is strongly committed to excellence in patient care and cross-disciplinary research that brings current medical developments into clinical practice.

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1000 Welch Road
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Plastic and reconstructive surgery helps patients of all ages and types—ranging from the child with a birth defect, to the young adult injured in an accident, or the older adult with a problem caused by aging.

Please do not substitute information on this website for professional advice. It is not intended to be, and should not be used as, a substitute for medical treatment by a health care professional. Stanford Health Care is not making a diagnosis of your condition or a recommendation about the course of treatment for your particular circumstances through the use of this educational information. You should never disregard or delay seeking medical advice because of what you have read on this website.

If you are interested in talking with a doctor about plastic surgery or have more questions about these topics, we encourage you to contact our clinic.

Eyelid lift/eyelid lift surgery

A surgical procedure to reduce bagginess from lower eyelids and excess skin from the upper eyelids.

Breast augmentation surgery

A surgical procedure to reshape the breast to make it large; can also be performed to reconstruct the breast following breast surgery.

Breast reconstruction surgery

Creation of a breast mound that comes as close as possible to the form and appearance of the natural breast.

Chemical peels

A technique used to improve and smooth the facial skin by means of a chemical solution that causes dead skin to slough off, revealing smoother regenerated skin.


A non-invasive exfloliation treatment which uses a combination of a fine abrasive tip or crystals and vacuum suction applied to the skin.

Ear pinning

A type of cosmetic plastic surgery procedure aimed at setting prominent ears closer to the head, reducing the size of larger ears, or correcting other defects of the outer ear.

Facial implants

A form of surgery to improve or repair facial contours and features, most commonly the chin and cheeks.

Wrinkle volumizing fillers

A range of products such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and other fillers that reduce or eliminate wrinkles, raise scar depressions, enhance lips, and replace soft-tissue volume loss through facial injections.  

Forehead lift surgery

Surgical removal of excess fat and skin, as well as a tightening of the muscles, in the forehead area.

Hair replacement surgery

Hair transplantation involves removing small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from a donor site and relocating them to a bald or thinning area.

Laser surgery/laser therapy

Use of a powerful beam of light which can be directed to specific parts of the body to destroy abnormal cells.


A surgical procedure that removes excess fat through a suctioning process to change the body's shape and contour.

Hand surgery

Hand surgery incorporates a vast array of different types of surgery on the hand that attempt to restore not only the function of the hand, but try to maximize the cosmetic appearance of the hand.

Nasal surgery

Any surgery performed on the outside or inside of the nose; commonly used in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)

Known as rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure to reshape the nose.

Tummy tuck

A surgical procedure that minimizes the abdominal area. Excess fat and skin are surgically removed from the middle and lower abdomen, and the muscles of the abdomen wall are tightened.

Scar revision surgery

A surgical approach to alter the appearance of the scar or restore function to a part of the body that may have been restricted by scar tissue.

Cosmetic plastic surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures that reshape normal structures of the body.

For Patients

You are welcome to schedule an appointment yourself. However, we encourage your regular doctor to contact us so we can resolve issues or logistical problems that cause delays in seeing a plastic surgeon. Your regular doctor should also review information for health care professionals.


  • Bring copies of your medical records and imaging studies (x-rays, MRIs, CT scans) to your first appointment.
  • Your first visit could last 2-3 hours because several doctors may review your medical records and discuss your condition with you.
  • It is often helpful to write down a list of questions that you may have and to bring along a family.

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As surgeons, we share your goal of providing the best possible care for your patients. We also strive to integrate training, research, and the development of novel technology with clinical care. Throughout and after their treatment at Stanford, we encourage patients to maintain close contact with their primary care and referring physicians.


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