Our Intractable Epilepsy Program

If your doctor thinks you have intractable epilepsy, he or she may suggest that you visit a medical center that specializes in treating intractable epilepsy. Stanford Heath Care is one of the leading centers in the nation with a specialized Intractable Epilepsy Program that treats the most difficult forms of intractable epilepsy.

The Intractable Epilepsy Program at Stanford offers innovative treatment options, including surgery and brain devices, for individuals with intractable epilepsy that cannot be controlled by medications. Some of these treatments offer greater precision than ever in targeting the seizure source, are only performed by the Stanford team and not available elsewhere in the world for individuals with intractable epilepsy.

Our multispecialty team of intractable epilepsy experts includes specialists in clinical epileptology, epilepsy nursing, epilepsy surgery, neuropsychology and neuroradiology. The team works together to conduct comprehensive evaluations to determine the right customized surgical plan for appropriate patients with intractable epilepsy.

Case reviews are conducted after your evaluation and regularly throughout the course of treatment by the team and information is provided to referring physicians.

Intractable epilepsy evaluations provide:

  • Comprehensive video-EEG monitoring
  • High-resolution structural MRI (3-Tesla and 7-Tesla)
  • High-resolution fMRI EEG with 256 electrodes
  • Functional brain mapping using fMRI and electrical brain stimulation

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