Small Bowel Manometry

Small bowel manometry, also known as antroduodenal manometry, is a procedure that determines the effectiveness of muscle movement in the small bowel.  It takes place in two parts:

  • Part 1 - This stage of the procedure takes place in the X-ray department while you are sedated.  Your physician will use an endoscope to place a narrow flexible tube into your upper gastrointestinal tract.  This first part of the study takes about an hour.
  • Part 2 - This stage of the procedure takes place in the manometry room.  By the time you arrive at the manometry room, you should be awake.  The flexible manometry tube will be connected to a machine that calculates the different pressures in the small bowel.  During this time you will eat a light meal.  This meal will show how your small bowel reacts to food.  This second part will take about six hours so you may wish to bring a book or Walkman to pass the time.