Femoral Popliteal Bypass Surgery (Fem-Pop Bypass)

Femoral popliteal (also called femoropopliteal) bypass surgery is a surgical procedure that may be used to treat femoral artery disease.

Femoral popliteal bypass is the surgical opening of the upper leg to directly visualize the femoral artery. It is performed to bypass the blocked portion of the artery using a piece of another blood vessel.

Blood vessels, or vein grafts, used for the bypass procedure may be pieces of a vein taken from the legs. One end of the vein graft is attached above the blockage and the other end is attached below the blockage, rerouting blood flow around the blockage through the new graft to reach the muscle.

In some situations, a prosthetic (made of artificial material) graft may be used for the bypass graft, rather than a vein graft.