What Is a Gasserian Ganglion Block?

A gasserian ganglion block is a medical procedure using administration of a dose of local anesthetics directly to a bundle of nerves that supplies sensation to your face and scalp. This nerve block may bring relief to patients who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and other syndromes of facial pain, as well as patients who suffer from pain caused by cancer.

In some instances, in patients who suffer from facial pain from cancer, a small dose of medication to kill the nerve going to the gasserian ganglion, can be used. This is not an option for patients who do not have cancer.

How quickly can I expect pain relief?

Relief is instantaneous, if the pain that you are experiencing is related only to the nerves which go to the gasserian ganglion. Total duration of pain relief will be six to twelve hours. If a nerve killing medication is used, maximum relief starts in one to two days, and may last up to three to six months.