Nasal Surgery

Normal nasal airflow.

Nasal surgery includes any surgery performed on the outside or inside of the nose.

Nasal obstruction is usually the result of anatomic and functional problems, which can cause dysfunctional airflow in the upper airway, therefore playing an important role in OSA and snoring, and also can prevent CPAP use. The cause of nasal airflow problems can be a deviated nasal septum, enlarged nasal turbinates, narrowing or collapse of the nasal opening, nasal polyps, swollen nasal mucosa due to allergies or other irritants or commonly a combination of all.

Usually medical treatment options are the initial choice to target nasal obstruction, including nasal saline irrigations, steroids and antihistamine sprays, oral medication and an allergist evaluation. External nasal dilators as the Breathe Right® nasal strips can be used for some cases with narrowed or collapsible nasal aperture.

When medical treatment alone isn't successful, surgery can improve the nasal airway either alone or in combination with these options.