What Is a Vasectomy?

vasectomy is surgery men have to prevent pregnancy when having sex with female partners. In the surgery, the vas deferens, the two tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis, are cut and blocked. After the surgery, the semen that is ejaculated during sex no longer contains sperm.

What is vasectomy reversal?

In a vasectomy reversal, surgery is performed to reconnect the vas deferens after a previous vasectomy. Up to 6 percent of men (approximately 30,000 men each year), change their minds after vasectomy and wish to father children again. 

One common misconception is that after a period of time, a vasectomy reversal is no longer possible. While the age of the vasectomy (or the obstructive interval) is a factor, there is no time cutoff where a vasectomy reversal will not work.  Very high success rates can still be expected decades after vasectomy.  Our experts have performed successful reversals with vasectomies performed over 30 years prior.

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