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Taking Care of My Heart - Dr. Euan Ashley


Stanford Hospital & Clinics asked cardiologist Euan Ashley, MD, how he takes care of his heart health. 

Dr. Ashley loves the game of basketball, which is his favorite form of exercise. He also watches his portion control. Ashley emphasizes that our daily behaviors such as proper diet and exercise really can make a difference for our heart health.

Video Transcript

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0:04 done my name's your national economic ideologies he does not pretend I
0:07 specialize in heart failure
0:09 which is a disease but the heart muscle doesn't pump in a specially the JuD
0:12 my brother often asking me what they can do to keep your heart healthy
0:16 and so I album diet and exercise and this doesn't need to be
0:19 going to the gym it doesn't need to be a gym membership it was me walking
0:23 but do something every day the something but document and get your heart rate up
0:26 it's good for your health is good for your heart you for every organ system in
0:30 the body
0:30 but well above courses is one of the great American sports them they're going
0:34 up in scotland is a midday
0:36 been on a building in the box below it grew up playing the ball or soccer
0:39 but I love the game of basketball is busted seminarians
0:43 the idea of throwing a ball around the corner it's is great and it's a really
0:46 as social sports is a chance to hang a
0:49 with other friends and other cardiologists Frank keeper salesman
0:53 the most important thing on a daily basis I think I do for my heart is the
0:56 think about what are you
0:57 everyday life one other thing I often tell my patients is that your help
1:01 millions debut helping
1:02 on the eighth day in particular I'm known in my clinic is an expert on the
1:05 hard an expert in constipation
1:06 so it's not every day with a high-fiber cereal have that with the ban on in the
1:10 morning
1:11 your day is off to an excellent start why were submitted thinking about
1:14 heart-healthy this
1:15 is my portion control every gets home do you have a long day at work
1:19 you head home when you're very hungry while you're starting to cook dinner
1:22 you stuck to meet that you snack snack and then by the time you get anything
1:26 you've already
1:27 enough calories for the whole day with my favorite food is unquestionably
1:31 government but job that poses a problem for heart helping us because you have
1:34 the added in small portions
1:36 I think the fact that every day in including I see patients who have
1:39 heart problems brings this whole the this order behaviors that we have an
1:43 everyday life can really affect how hard options
1:46 and the fact that decision you make on an everyday basis can really affect how
1:49 your heart is healthy and I get the feel like
1:51 can affect how long the wait what as a cardiologists I'm
1:54 talking to people every day trying to get them as advice and I'm trying to
1:57 delivered everyday
1:58 keep my own heart healthy just going to try it's not as hard as you think
2:01 little bit of exercise every day little bit about guys Asian think carefully
2:05 about your
2:05 portion size and what you mean by and I'll keep your heart healthy
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