Pipeline Stent, New Aneurysm Treatment at Stanford - NBC 11


NBC 11 highlights a brain aneurysm treatment offered at Stanford Hospital called the pipeline stent.

Video Transcript

0:00 you hope for pet brain aneurysms tonight NBC Bay Area's marianne 500 takes a
0:04 closer look
0:05 at the new procedure offered at Stamford Hospital among the changes
0:08 surgery three your groin instead of cutting open your skull
0:12 maryanne this is safer and to be real game-changer here I really can't Bay
0:16 Area patients are already benefiting from this treatment because Stafford
0:19 Hospital is one of the first
0:21 in the state to offer this procedure for patients with a large aneurysms who
0:26 faced few options
0:27 this is not only giving them a more promising treatment but one with fewer
0:31 risks
0:32 to last summer at least having trouble with my vision
0:36 I notice I was having double vision while driving
0:39 doctors told 46-year-old Jenna prozac a brain aneurysm was causing her vision
0:44 problems
0:45 after weighing all our options she decided to undergo a new treatment using
0:49 a device called the pipeline stead
0:51 which had just been approved by the FDA doctor Michael marks
0:55 cheap ugg interventional neuroradiology Stamford Hospital
0:58 perform the procedure what this device does is it
1:02 quits K metal sleeve for a stent
1:05 inside the blood vessel that impedes or inhibits the blood flow from
1:10 the blood vessels into the aneurysm that stops the blood from
1:14 entering the aneurysm which keeps it from growing preventing it from breaking
1:18 or bleeding
1:19 the aneurysm eventually klotz up and shrieks no longer posing a risk
1:23 to the patient doctors say this procedure offers a new treatment option
1:27 for about 15 percent a brain aneurysm patients those whose aneurysm is too
1:33 large to successfully treat
1:34 with conventional methods the new approach is also much less invasive
1:38 doctors insert a catheter in through the groin so there's no need to cut open the
1:42 skull
1:43 which means fewer risks and faster recovery for patients
1:46 the benefits at the pipeline stand are in the design 48 tiny wires are braided
1:51 together
1:52 to diminish blood flow to the aneurysm Jennifer says she feels fortunate that
1:57 the device was approved
1:58 just when she needed it I feel good to normal
2:02 in her case the pipeline was her lifeline
2:05 the pipeline stat was first developed here in the Bay Area
2:09 by test not medical in metal Park marry a fob bro
2:13 NBC Bay Area News thanks Mary Ann a remarkable procedure
2:16 yeah well still to come at five