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  • Medical Education: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, 2000
  • Residency: Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, 2003

Patient Reviews

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She did a good job over the screen.
Amazing doc!
I really appreciate the information and recommendation, thank you!
She is go great that I’d consider making her my primary care doctor choice
Very good doctor who provided great and relevant recommendations and wonderful bedside manner.
Warm and engaging that I felt comfortable right away. She also anticipated tests that I would need in preparation for my upcoming initial visit with my PA-PCP. I very much appreciated her care, which was palpable across the screen.
She was excellent
Excellent consultation. Thank you so much. It made everything so easy and convenient.
Smart, inquisitive, easy exchange of information. Also very pleasant, professional and competent. Enjoyed our visit.
Really thoughtful, clear and direct. She clearly understood me and the advice I needed
Dr. Barman was both thorough and professional. She took time to listen to my concerns regarding the reason I called. She didn't hurry at all. I would highly recommend Dr Barman to others.
Linda was very personable and easy to speak with about my sinus infection. I enjoyed our video visit.
Thank you.
Extremely professional but at the same time very caring and concerned about my well-being
Very helpful and informative
She was very helpful and a great listener. She also talked through my options and her recommendations.
Dr. Batman was really trying to finish the conversation in a rush. She asked to leave with only 11 minute conversation for a thirty minute appointment and said that there are other patients waiting for her in the line.
She was very understanding of my situation and immediately suggested that I come for an inpatient visit the same day. This will help her make a thorough evaluation.
Dr. Linda Barman shows patience, understanding, responsive and caring during the video visit
Excellent service
Execellent first experience with Dr Linda
She was quick and to the point providing all the information I needed! As well as answered my questions.
She is great. Thank you.
Dr. Barman was excellent! Warm, empathetic, caring, and thorough! I wish she could be my doctor all the time. I appreciate her care and walked away feeling confident in my plan of care.
Very nice. Friendly and Easy explanation. Talks slow so I understand difficult words. Would like to see her again
She was great. Very professional, Introduced herself and showed me her badge. I liked her very much.
Dr. Barman was very personable and caring. And she even arranged for the in person consultation this afternoon.
Thanks for helping me out this afternoon!
Kind and thorough
Dr. Linda Barman has such a depth of medical knowledge and experience that she was immediately able to diagnose my condition over just a virtual appointment. She was incredibly detailed and patient in laying out my treatment plan and answering my questions. I really appreciated her attentiveness and care during our meeting.
thank you so much inhaler is working well already
Dr. Batman is a wonderful physician. I would highly recommend her.
Dr. Barman is an excellent well-rounded physician who listened to my description of symptoms, asked precise follow-up questions, and explained her conclusions and reasoning to me.
Doctor Barman was very easy to talk to and a complete professional. She understood my issue and dealt with it quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend her to other patients.
Engages well with warm and friendly demeanor. Crisp and precise in her communications and, as a result, appears to be very competent. Her style reassured me and I felt great confidence in her judgement.
The doctor was wonderful. Kind, listened, patient, open minded, supportive. I can't say enough good things about her.
VERY engaging, very prompt and I very much appreciate her explanation of the two options she gave me as far as treatment goes. That she explained her reasoning yet left it to me to make an informed decision was especially helpful - and welcomed.
I would choose her as my primary doctor.
Excellent clinician. Very knowledgeable, asked great questions, seemed very well prepared. Obviously a very caring, responsive physician. If I could select her as my primary care physician, I would.
She was very friendly and helpful
the doctor was so kind and really helped me
Dr. was fantastic. This visit related to wound care and she cleaned the would expertly and provided very clear instructions on required follow-up
This doctor was great! She diagnosed what my primary care doctor couldnt for months.
Care provider was terrific. Very knowledgeable, very communicative, very practical. Could not have been better.
Dr. Linda Barman provided the best care i could ask for. She was fantastic. Answered all my questions and explained the diagnosis very well. Super personable and genuinely showed interest.
Not only did the Dr. inform me of the condition that she was treating me for, but cleared up some questions I have asked my other Dr's that I have seen about medications I take and they did not explain it as well as Dr. Barman. I wish I lived here and could make Dr. Barman my primary Dr.
Dr. Barman was amazing! Very helpful and thorough.
Dr. Linda Barman was an excellent communicator and helped me understand the health issues I had. She also followed up immediately with new treatment when new data on a culture emerged.
Best doctor experience ever. She was so nice, compassionate, smart & solved my issue.
I have had Dr. Barman twice, as a physician. Each time, she has been great. She reads the notes carefully and is very well prepared. She asks intelligent questions, and she deals in a smart manner with diagnosis and treatment choices.
I especially liked the fact that Dr. Barman contacted my heart doctor or concerns.
Dr. Barman was awesome! Super clear in her communication and someone I could trust.
Dr Linda was excellent! can I have her as my PCP?!
The attending, Dr. Barman, was very good. The resident (can't remember his name) was good, but didn't follow up the next day with me as the attending had asked him to do. Perhaps he got busy or it was an oversight. Nothing major, but something I noted.
Dr. Linda Berman provided excellent service and paid attention to my health concerns. She did a good examination of my terrible headaches. She is very professional
Very thorough (Dr. Barman).
Dr. Barman was fabulous. She was knowledgeable, through, and warm. Both my son who was with me and I were impressed.
Dr. was very nice and informative
Dr. Linda Barman was very attentive and nice.
Very pleasantly surprised by level of care for an express visit. Doctos walked already knowing my medical history like a regular primary care visit.
Dr. Barman is far and away the best urgent doctor I have ever seen--if she worked in primary care, I would sign up to be her patient in a flash! She is compassionate, thoughtful, and gave excellent explanations on my condition. I cannot say enough good things about her--she is a model physician. She even called to check in on my condition a few days later! I am a young physician, and she inspired me with her care.
One of the best Drs ever experienced
Outstanding above and beyond care. Exceptional diligence, thoroughness, and knowledge. Very caring, compassionate.
Dr. Batman is really good with her medical knowledge and style in patient care.
I feel very grateful to have had a careful, attentive care team in the urgent care clinic. Because of their attentiveness, I was referred to the right providers and course of action for care - and uncovered important health issues. Now I am aware of these health issues and can take steps to manage them. If the urgent care team had simply stopped their questions after a certain point, or not shown as much concern for my well-being, I would still be totally in the dark about my condition. I will always recommend SHC's urgent care in Palo Alto because of the outstanding compassion and expertise of the staff.
This was the second time I've had this doctor. She is the best healthcare provider I've ever had.
very profession also very caring
Dr. Barman was great.
The provider was very helpful and knowledgeable in answering all my questions.
My doctor, Dr. Linda Kirkpatrick Barman, was easily the best doctor I have ever seen in my 19 years of being alive. She came in and was immediately sensitive to my pain and discomfort, and correctly diagnosed me in a matter of minutes. After being in an Urgent Care for 4 hours and leaving with the wrong diagnosis, it felt so good to be treated properly. I will 100% recommend this care provider to my peers, and will always return to this facility for my health moving forward. Thank you all for your wonderful help!!!!
Very impressed and pleased with the medical resident (Dr. O) and the family medicine Dr. (Dr. Linda Barman)
All very good.
Dr. Barman called me that same day to inform me of my X-Ray results. Thank you very much Dr. Barman. My worries were wiped away that day.
Wonderful; I really appreciate the Express Care option, and all of the doctors I've seen have been great.
I was surprised to get such interest & attention especially for the mental health aspect of my visit. I felt very understood & cared for. As well as nervous about the recommended treatment (meds) & concerned about severity of diagnoses (worse than I expected.)
Doctor Barman was amazing! So friendly and concerned about my health and very careful with everything. She really put me at ease.
Good - took time and thorough.
This was possibly the best doctor visit I've had. Dr. Barman was extremely understanding, very concern- extraordinarily empathetic!
It was a very good experience, and the Physician whom I met was such a wonderful person. She was not in a hurry, did all the tests that needed to be done in a gently manner, answered my questions and explained everything to me in detail. I have already recommended her name to my colleagues.
best care ever
Dr Barman was very good- would recommend her highly!
best lab experience I have ever had. nurse staff was very competent, friendly & reassuring, very efficient and treat me like she would have done for herself/ her own loved ones. thank you !
Friendly, knowledgeable, and competent. But she clearly struggled with the system used to order x-rays.
Dr. Barman was excellent!
I wish she is my primary doctor.
Dr. Barman and her team were fantastic! Dr. Barman was so kind, thorough, informative and patient. I had complete trust and confidence in her. I'm only taking the time to complete this survey because of how fantastic I thought she and her team were and want to share the feedback.
Dr. Barman was outstanding! very thorough!
She is great. Nothing but nice things to say about her.
The doctor was very personable and kind. She was forthcoming with information and ideas about my health situation and was thoughtful about pursuing a diagnosis. I was very impressed with the care I received from her.
Excellent. Clear, knowledgeable, efficient, kind.
after talking to the care provider, i fully understood my situation.
I felt comfortable with the MD who took care of me. She was calm but was able to address my concerns.
excellent - I would recommend her as a primary care advisor.
Great doctor!
I was very impressed with the staff and treatment I received at Stanford Express Care.
I was having an issue with my foot and Dr. Barman called me and asked if I would be able to get an X-ray ahead of time since it would likely be required to properly diagnose my issue. She knew she wanted to have the radiologist read it as well as herself and was concerned if we did it at my appointment time that I would have to wait longer. I appreciate that she took the time to reach out ahead of time as it ended up saving a lot of time during the appointment.
My doctor was hands down the most efficient and thorough doctor I've ever seen in my life!
Dr. Bearman was kind and friendly. She explained everything to me clearly and took great care to minimize the pain from my injury. Much appreciated!
I love Dr. Barman. I have seen her twice. She is caring, kind, listens & talks to you. I have talked about her.
Dr. Barman was awesome! She listened to me. She solved the problem. She got the into to make a diagnosis & she was right. I wish she could be my primary doctor.
I have already recommended Express Care to two other people. It was an excellent experience, and wouldn't mind seeing the doctor if for some reason had to change my current physician at menlo medical.
She was great! Very thorough.
I was extremely pleased with Dr. Barman! She was incredibly thorough & helpful! She spent a lot of time with me and provided excellent analysis and advice and interim RX until I could see my main/primary care provider.
I will always use this service - excellent. Dr. Banman was wonderful.
dr barman was wonderful!
Dr. Barman knew the medications I was already taking, ordered an EKG and provided info to my PCP and regular cardiologist. I felt relieved after this appointment. I had expert care from Dr. Barman. I would see her again when necessary.
Dr. Barman was excellent and followed up via telephone.
In order to get the maxium benefit from my visit with a doctor I make a complete list of the questions I have before the visit. Dr. Barman was patient and anwered all my questions with great concern and care. I was most impressed.
the best
One of the best drs!
Dr. Varmin is excellent!
Exceptional doctor.
She was excellent, caring and professional.
the service at the express clinic is exemplary
Linda Barman, M.D., was FANTASTIC! One of the very best!
Dr. Barman is an excellent physician and my visit with her was very helpful.
Very gentle, thorough, timely, and efficient, explained relevant terms/conditions and medicines.
Dr. Barman was excellent! When I told her that due to allergic reaction that I cannot take most all meds and have seen alternative health providers she was not only understanding but supportive
First time I saw this MD and she was excellent professionally and personally.
Dr. Barman was very reassuring
Doctor was very, very good.
She was pleasant and competent
Dr. Kirkpatrick was extremely warm & personable, which I so greatly appreciate! She made me feel comfortable & welcomed. She also listened to my symptoms/concerns and gave me great suggestions moving forward.
Very friendly, positive, funny. Explained condition well. ASked about my life with genuine curiosity. Let me decide how much liquid nitrogen my wart got.
The prescription from Dr. Barman just works!
The doctor was very thorough at examining my eyes to make sure nothing serious was occurring. She understood my sensitivities/adverse reactions to many Rx medications and clearly demonstrated that understanding by letting me know that she had read the notes from my PCP in my chart prior to coming into the treatment room. She made excellent recommendations that worked for me.
Everything was great.
Excellent. I am hard to please and I was extremely happy. I was also in alot of pain and they were able to help me.
Dr Barman was absolutely amazing! She made an awkward situation feel very comfortable and was an overall amazing and caring provider. She is definitely a part of what makes Stanford so great and we definitely need more physicians like her in the world.
The doctor actually worked from home for a few minutes on Saturday to get me my test results sooner. She is great !
This was a great experience --- Dr. Barman is knowledgeable, cheerful, and extremely effective.
Great attitude/personality. Very thorough and efficient yet not rushed with my medical care.
Much more attentive & informative than my regular GP!
She was not my regular primary doc but did great job of covering & letting my primary know results.
my normal care provider was not available and has been away lately. I hardly ever get to see her. if I knew that this care provider would be more likely to be available, I would switch to her. she was an excellent doctor and took the time to answer many small health questions. I liked her very much.
great experience, Dr Barnan quickly diagnosed my condition and was very pleasant, humorous and helpful

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