Doris Chen

Doris Chen

Internal medicine doctor

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

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Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Residency: Stanford University Internal Medicine Residency (2015) CA
  • Internship: Stanford University Internal Medicine Residency (2013) CA
  • Medical Education: Case Western Reserve School of Medicine (2012) OH
  • Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine (2015)
  • Board Certification, American Board of Internal Medicine (2015)
  • MS, Stanford University, Biological Sciences (2008)
  • BS, Stanford University, Biological Sciences (2007)

Awards & Memberships
  • Julian Wolfsohn Award for Outstanding Performance in Internal Medicine, Stanford University Internal Medicine Residency Program (2014)

Administrative Appointments
  • Clinical Instructor, Stanford University School of Medicine, General Medical Disciplines (2015 - Present)

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Patient Reviews

(180 reviews)

In my visit, she quickly got to the point and provided very useful information to help me with my concerns. I really appreciate that.
Great caregiver. I have seen her before and so has my husband. She is caring and patient and explains things very well. ariadne
Dr. Doris Chen is an Excellent doctor.
Dr Doris Chen provides outstanding care. SHC is extremely lucky to have her!!
Dr. Chen is excellent
She is a good listener and had good suggestions
Five stars. Kind. Thoughtful. Smart. Helpful. Reassuring. Trustworthy. Compassionate.
Very nice and professional!
Thank you!
Dr.Doris Chen is very patient and professional as I am speaking a down good English. She helped me getting my questions answered, and made me feel relieved for running out of my medications. Thanks to Doris Chen.
Kudos. Dr. Chen was very helpful.
She is wonderful!!
Dr. Doris Chen is polite, friendly, courteous, informed. She makes me feel like I am the focus during the appointment and that she genuinely cares about my health. I didn't feel rushed in any way, and she patiently answered all my questions. I would recommend Dr. Doris Chen to all my family and friends.
Compassionate and caring. Asked good insightful questions. Clarified what she would do. e.g., prescribe the medications etc,
Doris is an excellent internal medicine doctor.
Thanks Dr. Chen. I appreciate your help.
Dr. Chen was kind and patient to me. She asked the question carefully and answered me very details. I really appreciated her.
Dr. Chen seemed warm, interested in my questions, and kind. As a doctor she was direct, well-informed, and had my medical history at hand. I changed insurance and medical groups at the beginning of 2023, so she volunteered to go over the "well care" checklist together to make sure I was up-to-date. She authorized tests/prescriptions for me so I could continue to receive great health care. It was a really pleasant and reassuring visit.
She was very thorough and nice
She was excellent, understanding and helpful!
Very nice, very sympathetic.
She’s good. Very nice and accommodating. Honest and Straightforward but Respectful (not dismissive or condescending) when she knows she can’t help. Very professional and kind. Thanks Dr Chen!
Very nice
Dr. Chen is amazingly responsive and shows genuine concern for me as a patient. She was very knowledgeable about Stanford resources for my issues and was quick to recommend these and alternatives, in addition to addressing certain issues immediately. Really great experience, thank you!
Dr. Chen was very empathetic and kind and listened to my concerns. I left the appointment feeling confident that I could manage my medications well and had a better understanding of how long the course of medications might be. As I left the appointment I felt well informed from Dr. Chen.
V helpful and kind
An excellent, attentive doctor who is willing to help!
Dr Chen listened carefully and helped me to address my health problem. She is also very kind.
Doctor Chen was very attentive and a good listener during the call. She asked follow-up questions, and seemed thorough. She gave me instructions for how to take care of my health issue, and clear instructions for next steps. Her notes were detailed enough that I felt confident in next steps even though I didn't take notes or write anything down. I appreciated her help and patience.
See previous comment, she was excellent
Overall care and competence of provider were good.
Very professional; used the meeting time effectively.
Thank you so much! Excellent appointment.
Very helpful and kind
She was excellent.
Great visit, very efficient and clear, was responsive to my concerns and ordered the appropriate tests
She was great, asked great questions, and was friendly, personable, and pleasant. She made great recommendations for the next steps that made me feel confident. Five stars!
Thanks Dr Doris for providing and supporting ....
Very professional and caring
Dr Chen was amazingly professional and helpful. She looked at my entire history, advised me on what I need to update, what vaccines and tests were due and reassured me that I could find a PCP thought not soon.
She was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions quickly and completely.
She was very helpful and provided good insight.
Thanks Dr. Chen ï¼
This was my first and only visit with Dr. Chen, and she was thorough, knowledgeable, paid attention to detail, understanding, and an excellent listener. I would highly recommend her to other patients including myself.
Doris was very caring and empathetic.
Dr. Chen is professional and has a calm demeanor.
Dr. Chen was very instructive about how to proceed and made my need for additional consultation easier.
T This was a good visit, very complete and I felt better after talking with her.
Thank you the visit was super easy.
Excellent and caring physician
Pleasant Approachable Listens
Thank you Doc.
Extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful. She listened thoughtfully to my concerns without judging or rushing. Ran me through a series of hand motions to determine extent of injury. Concluded with sensible advice and instructions on how to follow up if needed. Really put my mind at ease.
She is terrific
Dr. Chen was super kind and helpful.
Dr. Chen was organized, kind and a good listener. We had a pleasant and productive visit. I was disappointed to learn that she can't be my primary doctor in the long run because she has relocated.
Excellent listener, compassionate, discussed options available to me and reasons why she would or would not recommend certain medications.
Very nice and thorough during the exam and interaction.
She was a true professional and knowledgeable. Easy to talk or confide to.
Dr. Chen is superb! She was very thorough and covered many aspects of my medical issues. Dr. Chen provided opportunity for followup lab work and cautioned about possible drug side effects. Thank you so very much.
Amazing caring doctor who takes care of me
Very pleasant and humble person to talk to. She listened to me entirely before intervening.
Dr. Chen took the time to listen and consider what I reported. I think that is incredibly important and she did a wonderful job.
Dr. Chen was helpful and thorough
She was quite good and receptive to my issues.
Good doctor
Good bedside manner, listens well and asked me to physically demonstrate. I would've liked to get some imagery done immediately to rule out serious condition, not sure why recommended waiting 2 weeks, it seems too long.
It was a real pleasure to talk to Dr. Doris Chen. She was exceptional in her listening, knowledge & steps forward.
Thanks to Dr Chen for a good visit
I liked her a lot. She is very kind and efficient. Addressed all of my concerns and offered to have Los Altos office call me for an appointment with a primary care doctor.
She seemed caring and knowledgeable
She was lovely, asked the right questions and was thorough.
Very pleasant and friendly
She was very thorough and helpful. It was a great appointment.
Very friendly and helpful, A+ job!
Very good. Polite and thoughtful. Very detailed w/answers. Would recommend Dr. Chen to others.
Dr. Chen was very kind and compassionate. She was also very thorough during our visit, making sure to address my overall health.
Dr. Chen was excellent!
Because information about the coronavirus was just emerging in Santa Clara County at the time I began having flu like symptoms on February 28, I did not know whether I had the flu or what. I described the symptoms I had been experiencing, including having had a temperature, congestion, coughing, runny nose, sore throat, headache, etc. and noted that they were starting to get better by the afternoon of the video visit. The doctor did not tell me whether I had the flu or the coronavirus or how the symptoms differ. I am grateful for her guidance to isolate to protect myself and others.
She is an excellent doctor that in reality is interested in the patient. I am more than happy with Dr. Doris Chin, A++.
I was very pleased with the Dr.
Dr Doris Chen is the best doctor I ever had. She is not only very very knowledgeable, she is so so care about her patient. She pays special attention to her patients problem and very very effectively found solution for me. I felt so so lucky to be her patient. Stanford Clinic is so lucky to have a doctor like her. I trust her 100%
Dr. Chen was wonderful and I have total confidence in her. I am happy for her move to Sacramento, but sad for me to lose her as my doctor.
Dr Chen is the best doctor. Very kind, caring and a great listener. We are so sorry to see her go.
Excellent, thorough, caring physician.
Dr. Chen is an extraordinary skilled & concerned physician.
This doctor is a real GEM. She encourages the patient to be honest and makes you feel that you really matter.
she needs to include me in decisions she makes about tests - poor communication. And I feel like I'm wasting her time when I ask any questions
Great professionalism and caring doctor, very detailed visit notes and follow up everything thoroughly
Dr. Chen is the best Doctor in the whole wide world. She has an excellent bedside manner. She is always calm, caring, listens great, never in a hurry and always make me feel so comfortable.
outstanding care
Dr.Chen was very patient and empathetic when listening to my concerns.
I am very happy with my doctor. She does an excellent job.
Dr Lauren Edwards and her team are exceptional.
She is an awesome doctor which I hope to have for long time to come!
Dr. Chen is the best Doctor.................................
A good physician is said to bet the same as an affectionate mother. Doctor Doris Chen is very much deserving with this precept. Devoted with all her heart and her lovely compassion toward patients, Doctor Doris Chen always treats her patients feel much better, less and less pain, hopefully get well sooner, and more and more trust in her excellent care.
excellent service, very happy
Dr. Chen is wonderful! I have such confidence in her.
Everything is excellent. I am very much satisfied and grateful for my primary Doctor Chen, Doris Pao-Chin.
Dr. Chen is an outstanding physician!
Dr. Chen was so caring and took her time to understand my health and my concerns.
We discussed many options for resolving my health problem and came up with a great solution.
Dr. Chen seemed young but conscientious. She was not sure what caused my condition so she called another colleague in to confer. I really appreciated that. Also, she kindly referred me to dermatologist.
Dr. Chen was exemplary as always. She is kind, a good listener, very thorough and an excellent doctor!
Dr Chen was very patient, kind and friendly.
Dr. Chen was personable, thorough, empathetic, and knowledgeable.
I appreciate how respectful and courteous everyone is at Stanford facilities. Doctors are also generous with their time, which makes me feel cared for.
she is the reason I have such high regard for the internal medicine practice
great job
Dr. Chen is the best GP I have had in 70+ years. She is concerned and prepared, helpful and gentle. She is an excellent physician & a great asset to Stanford Health Care.
Very caring and understanding provider, Truly cares for her patient.
Great experience, would highly recommend doctor
Dr. Chen is very dedicated, thorough and patient. My mother is unique in that she is a Christian Scientist. She does not believe her issues will worsen. Dr. Chen has attempted various tacks. She listens and respects my mom's views. I think she is trying to understand them.
Excllent, very please.
Great provider and staff.
Not enough info re: side effects of first antibiotic prescribed
I'm a relatively new patient of Dr. Chen (just since last year) but I am extremely pleased with having her as my physician. She is interested and compassionate and her thinking about me seems focused and comprehensive.
Very good experience.
The best provider I seen in over 40 years, very caring, listen to your isssues, explain in great details about treatments, follow-up via emails or phone calls. I will definitely recommending this provider to family, friends and coworkers.
If any of my answers were not very good, I would find a new doctor! I think very highly of Dr. Chen and drive over 90 minutes to see her. She is patient and thorough -- I trust her completely.
I love Dr. Chen. Excellent doctor in all and every way.
Dr. Chin had my best health interest as her main concern. She was professional and courteous. Medical Advice was outstanding I thought.
Dr. Chen is excellent & I would highly recommend her.
Dr. Doris Chen remembered me from previous visits. She said she was sorry I was having any problems and made me feel very comfortable. We went over her suggestions and discussed the next steps in my treatment. She is an excellent, kind doctor.
I was truly impressed with the meticulosity in understanding my health condition, the medications, and the results of my blood tests.
I look forward to my appointments with Dr Chen
Dr Chen is a very good listener and excellent at attending to any special requests I have but is very polite and direct when the answer to my special request has to be NO. I appreciate that.
Most probably the best primary care doctor I've met so far
I was little worried about meet new physician but my expectation is totally wrong and very very satisfy with Dr,Chen and your staff at clinic. thank you
It was very friendly and pleasure experience at clinic.
The best doctor I I seen in over 35 years. Very professional and caring doctor. Promptly follow-up with test results. Definitely recommend her to friends & relatives.
My heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Chen, Doris Pao-Chin and LA pharmacist for their professional devotion.
Dr. Doris Chen is terrific! Always pleasant attitude and good advice.
Very careful.
Some problems resulted from my PCP's replacement on a previous visit. I discussed these with Dr. Chen and she was very professional and understanding about why I was negatively affected.
Thee best provider I seen in over 30 years. Very professional, caring and take time to explain issues. Also, update patient via email.
As I said, my first impression and experience with Dr. Doris Chen was very positive.
Dr Doris Chen is always pay attention to details with the patience - one of the best DRs I ever have. :)
Dr. Doris Chen made it a personal visit. She remembered me from last year. She was professional, caring.
Doctor Chen's care, thoughtfulness and responsiveness were beyond my expectations. She called me to follow up twice when she said she would. I've never met a doctor like her.
Doctor was friendly and very thorough. I felt confident under her care.
It is hard trying to find a new doctor. This one I like her tons! She is quick to help me and answer all my questions. She really wants to see me well always!
Dr Chen was very patient, warm friendly, I do feel like a "family " doctor.
Loved Dr. Chen, she was great and very smart!
Dr. Chen is everything you would expect a in primary care Doctor.
Dr. Doris Pao-Chin very knowledgeable and very supportive and very courtesy. Great doctor and has unique skills.
Dr Doris Chen really took the time to address all my concerns and I never felt rushed.
I have 100% confidence in this Provider Dr. Doris Pao-Chin
dr. Chen couldn't have been better. Very thorough, pleasant, and was inquisitive about my overall health.
Very good experience.
The clinic staff were kind and prompt in rooming me and worked together to draw my blood. Dr. Chen listens very attentively when I talk about my concerns. I LOVE the email system to communicate directly with her, its so reassuring to have this system as part of the care Stanford delivers, thank you.
Dr. Chen was very knowledgeable and professional.
She listened to my concerns took them into consideration, and discussed treatment options. I felt supported & heard.
I have been very happy with everyone at Stanford Primary Care, thank you!
Doris was great! She was very caring, knowledgeable, and friendly. Highly recommended!
Honestly this doctor and clinic is the best all-around health care experience I've ever had. All clinics should be this good.
Great experience overall.
New physician and I was very please with her professionalism and care of my concerns.
I've already recommended Dr Christenson. She's hilarious. She was easy to talk to, gave me all the information I needed, made me feel good about my visit and options. Totally excited to see her again.
Love Dr. Chen!
Dr. Chen was absolutely awesome. Enthusiastic about caring for my needs. She was also extremely friendly, patient and knowledgeable.
Dr. Chen was great, and I feel confident in her care.
I am changing PCP's because our favorite Dr. Evaleen Jones is no longer with the practice. Doris Chen seemed friendly and easy to communicate with.
Excellent care and what you'd expect from a first time visit for a bad cold. My regular could not see me, and I guess part of the new process is to have a history with the doctors in the group.
Dr Chen was awesome. I've been looking for a great primary care provider for a long time and she has many of the qualities I was looking for. I actually use two, one in traditional medicine and one for very advanced (even controversial) preventative care and she's really great for the former role.
Every thing was fine.
Really wonderful care--
Dr. Chin, Doris is an amazing dr. well experienced on the job and on of the best doctors I had ever seen.
Dr. Chen was very knowledgeable and extremely bright in seeing me for my symptoms 100% confidence in seeing her in the future.
I was extremely pleased with Dr Chen's thoroughness. I did not feel rushed at all.
Overall very pleased with Dr Chen. She changed her protocol (eg no routine ekg) to giving an ekg because I mentioned lightheadedness. She took bp in 3 positions. Also listened to heart & lungs without clothing. Also did prostate exam. Completed lab work addressed all my concerns.
I appreciated that she took the time to listen to all of my concerns and questions.
I am now going to stay with UHA instead of going back to PA Medical
Love Dr Chen - very knowledgeable, delightful to interact with, and a great listener
Dr. Chen was wonderful. She made me feel like she really cared and was so thorough with all of my concerns. She took each topic and spent time discussing it and giving advice or suggestions. I never felt rushed. I am so pleased that she is my primary doctor.

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