Emmanuel During, MD

Sleep specialist, General neurologist

Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences - Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine Clinical Associate Professor, Neurology & Neurological Sciences

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Languages Spoken:
Farsi , French


Emmanuel During, MD, is a psychiatrist and neurologist with board certification in sleep medicine, Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University in the Department of Psychiatry – Division of Sleep Medicine, and Department of Neurology. He directs the Stanford Parasomnia Clinic where he evaluates the broad spectrum of parasomnias, including REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD, abnormal dream-enactment) and other parasomnias such as sleepwalking, sleep talking, sleep terrors and confusional arousals. Lying at the interface of psychiatry, neurology and sleep, the Parasomnia Clinic functions as a platform for high-level specialized clinical care and direct enrollment into clinical trials, particularly for patients with RBD, which in a number of cases is an early sign of neurodegeneration such as Parkinson's disease or dementia with Lewy bodies.
Dr. During is receiving federal and industry grant support for conducting research on RBD. He is currently the PI of an investigator-initiated sponsored trial investigating a new drug in treatment-refractory RBD (NCT04006925), and serves as site PI for a NIA grant supporting a nation-wide consortium, the North American Prodromal Synucleinopathy Consortium (NAPS), laying the groundwork for a first neuroprotective trial in the pre-Parkinson's stage of RBD, (NCT03623672). In 2018, he was invited to join a task force group of experts in RBD commissioned by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) to issue the upcoming 2022 Clinical Guidelines for the management of RBD. He was invited the same year to join the International RBD Study Group (IRBD-SG), a group of world-experts in RBD ranging from clinicians to basic scientists. His most recent research interest pertains to wearable sleep devices that can potentially monitor RBD activity in patients home environment and facilitate early diagnosis.

Professional Summary

Professional Education
  • Board Certification: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Sleep Medicine (2017)
  • Fellowship, Stanford University, Sleep Medicine (2016)
  • Board Certification: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Neurology (2015)
  • Residency, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, CA, Neurology (2015)
  • Internship, Banner Good Samaritan Hospital, AZ, Internal Medicine (2012)
  • Board Certification, Psychiatry, Paris Diderot University, France (2008)
  • MD, Louis Pasteur University, Medical School, France (2003)

Honors & Awards
  • Medal Award for best Doctoral Thesis defense, Paris 7 University, France (2008)
  • Neurology Clerkship Teaching Award 2018-2019, Stanford University (2019)
  • Psychiatry Resident of the Year Award, Paris 7 University, France (2008)
  • Resident Best Teaching Award, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, CA (2015)


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Open trials refer to studies currently accepting participants. Closed trials are not currently enrolling, but may open in the future.

Practice Locations

Sleep Medicine Center Redwood City, CA
Redwood City, CA

450 Broadway Street, Pavilion B, 2nd Floor, MC 5730

Redwood City , CA 94063

(650) 723-6601

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General Neurology Clinic in Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

213 Quarry Road

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Top ratings for all. The doctors and staff were uniformly excellent.
Very thorough by Dr. During & associate/fellow - Thanks!
Dr. During is awesome!!
I appreciate the fact that Dr. During listens very attentively to what the patient has to say during a visit.
I felt that Dr. During spent a good amount of time hearing my concerns and trying to address them. I also appreciated that he was able to pull up my CPAP records despite this being my 1st visit to him.
i've been Dr. Durings patient for four years. Every time I've seen him I felt that he had genuine concern for me and presents what he thinks are his best treatment options for me. He is friendly, professional and compassionate.
Doctor During & his staff are awesome!!
Always a thorough appointment.
Dr. During is very good.
I feel very fortunate to have dr. during as my treating physician.
Dr. During is very gentle and extremely humble with a wealth of intelligence. I wish I had seen him earlier
He is friendly, professional, knowledgeable. Dr. During is one of the best doctor. He care about his patients. I was very pleased with my experience. His the trusted doctor. He followed up with me. Thank you is not enough. Thank you, Merci.
Please note: I saw Dr. Wu for the majority of the visit. Dr. During was the attending and came in the last few minutes of the visit.
I was a little concerned because this was my first time seeing this particular doctor (my previous doctor, who I liked very much, had left the practice). However, my new doctor was also very knowledgeable, kind, and attentive. He listened to my concerns and answered all my questions.
Excellent doctor
Very human, has helped us a lot we are very satisfied.
Both times I've been in to see doctor they have been very on top of things. any questions they can't answer they will go check with the senior provider. excellent care
Excellent physician!
Amazing dr.
Dr. During was everything we hoped for, but didn't expect to find. He gave us hope, for the first time in years. We found him to be extremely perceptive, competent, personable and informative. I can't think of one aspect of our visit that was not absolutely top notch. We feel very fortunate to have met him and the staff at Stanford Medical center.
Dr During is exceptional!
I found Dr. During's relational skills to be aloof and too clinical. He asked questions as though he were grilling me. "Are you good at your job" he asked me. His demeanor & tone were somewhat judgmental. I didn't return for a follow up because he lack warmth. I didn't want work with a doctor I could trust.
The doctor mentioned about CPT or providing me more information to regulate my sleep schedule at the visit before last visit. But she forgot to talk about it at my visit. I think the doctor need a little more time to review each patient's histories before visits.
Very impressed with Dr. During.
Dr. During is certainly one of your best; his domain knowledge is fantastic.
Excellent communicator with great knowledge in his speciality.
very impressed.
Dr. During is terrific.
Doctor During is very good.
Since it was my first visit we are just beginning to figure out my problem or condition - tests are planned.
First rate.
Dr. Spiegel & Dr. During were inevitably thorough in examining me and in seeking new factors affecting my neuropathy through blood tests.
He is very thoughtful, compassionatel and concerned. he also listens to me.
Excellent & information was given by Dr. During Emmanuel.
Everything is good.
My problem is in m rt. cheek area; Dr. During's specialty is sleep. Dr. During is very nice and patients with sleep issues would do very well with him.
He understood my concerns and quickly addressed & ruled out my major worry.
Doctor and assistant made everything very clear.
I HAVE recommended SHC to OTHERS!
Dr During is an excellent communicator
My doctor was very kind and attentive while examining me. Given the shock and seriousness of the diagnosis I wish I had had a little more encouragement as to how to get through the next few days. Also I would have appreciated more information about side affects of the medicine. I would have appreciated a hopeful word.
Dr During is very kind, thorough and patient.
I had an excellent first visit with Dr. During. He was kind, compassionate, and thorough, which helped me to feel at ease during my visit and to trust that I was in good hands in his care. I am confident that Dr. During will be able to accurately diagnose my health issues and to provide excellent care.
Dr. During is a great doctor and I always feel well-taken care of. He spends whatever time is needed and considers my other health issues, medications & life-style before prescribing any medications or making recommendations. He responds quickly to my messages on MyHealth & he's called when needed. He's very thorough.
Excellent "bed-side-manner".
Dr. During is an extraordinarily caring and thorough physician.
Dr During made me feel that he cared about me and that he would do all he could to help me.
My primary care provider was Dr. During, and I was VERY IMPRESSED WITH HIM. I was especially pleased that he allowed me to have a Sleep Study in Redding by a pulmonologist, Dr. Everett Trevor.
Dr. During was great, very patient and thorough and compassionate as well. I feel I am in good hands.
Dr.During is a very nice doctor, as a patient, I consider myself very lucky to have him for treatment of my sickness.
Dr. During was fantastic. He spent a lot of time understanding me and we came up with a treatment plan that makes sense. His staff immediately followed up to schedule additional testing. Super smart and nice.
Dr. During was very reassuring and warm. I appreciated him showing me the scans and explaining them to me. He was relaxed and patient. I'm extremely grateful for his care.
Dr. During is excellent. I have a lot of confidence in him and feel that I am well taken care of.
Dr. Durings demeanor and attention to my condition was exceptional.
Easy to communicate with. I have confidence in this doctor after one visit.
All my attending Physicians we're extremely diligent in my care!
Very good.
this was an easy follow up visit for which the treatment was going well
Dr. During was excellent; very easy to talk with. I would gladly recommend him to others.
Excellent visit.
Dr. During was respectful, thoughtful and thorough.
I'm a little bit worry that Dr During refer me to see another specialist, but I'm glad he would see me after the specialist. he is a very good doctor in every aspect, always explain my problems and condition, known I understand very little English, he would used the words that I can understand. I'm glad I have a good doctor.
Fellow was good; During was excellent.
Dr. During was excellent. Punctual, caring, and knowledgeable.
Dr During was excellent in a answering all the questions I had and has since a answered questions I've sent through my health.
Dr was excellent.
Dr. was late, but took time necessary to evaluate, and time to ask & review medication & plan for new schedule, etc. re medication.
very amazing Dr.
I appreciated the additional questions about my health that they asked. I ended up changing a prescription for the better.
No medication needed. Exceptional experience with Dr. During. Far above my past experiences with sleep medicine practitioners at Kaiser Permanente
During was leaps ahead of most of the others I've seen @ Sleep Center but still way below my expectations for premium health care.
I'm a physician - Dr During very knowledgeable about disease area.
Working as a clinician in outpatient myself, I am well aware of the dynamic pieces and staff responsibilities. I WISH our clinic staff and operation were as thoughtful, flawless, and patient-centered as yours. The fellow and attending on the case were thorough and authentic. I left the office feel heard and beyond satisfied with the care I received.
Dr. very patient. Explained he reasons for med changes. Make effective recommendations.
I had every confidence in dr. during.
Care provider was friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
Dr. During is kind and friendly.
I felt he really listened and he tailored advice so that my main concerns were very well addressed. He wasn't rigid but he explained reasons for usual recommendations and we worked through to solutions I felt very good about. I felt that if I needed to problem solve further, I could contact him and would want to
I really liked the Dr. During. He is very kind and easy to engage in conversation. He seems to genuinely care about my sleep issues. I'm glad he is my doctor.
Dr. E. During was really thorough and informative in rendering his care on me.
Dr During ,is kind , explains what is importent for my health , he is just a very concerned Doctor. I left his office feeling that he very much cared about his patients.
I must share that Dr. During has been one of the most helpful doctors I've worked with - and I'm a pretty touch customer so this is saying something. I have a complex chronic illness and Dr During has been able to help me with many of my symptoms. But, perhaps more importantly, he has helped me to better understand my illness, which makes it easier for me to manage. In short, he's terrific - very good at listening, eager to help, explains things well, and isn't afraid to let me know the limits of his knowledge (when this happens he makes sure that I see someone who can address my various needs).
Dr. During showed respect and concern for my needs.
My experience with this doctor and his staff was excellent. I felt very well taken care of and in very competent hands. Will be coming back for follow up treatment and would recommend.
dr during was outstanding
Was very explicit, specific and clear regarding the words that they used excellent because they helped us marvelously. The interpreter that helped us understand very clear with the doctor.
Provider was through and patient. He took his time when answering questions and made sure I understood his explanations.
I felt Dr. During gave me his complete attention during my visit.
Dr During was excellent. He spent a lot of time with me (I had a long list to cover) and made sure he addressed all of my issues in depth. I have a long-term chronic illness and Dr. During is one of the first specialists I've been to who is going to be able to provide me tangeable help. He was very supportive and was able to recognize the complex nature of my illness despite not knowing the details of it. He is a terrific doctor and I'm so lucky to have him on my team.
Before I met with Dr. Duering I was naturally somewhat concerned. I had previously had two of the best doctors in the world before him, Drs. Ruoff and Liu. I believe those two men saved my life. I am happy, because Dr. Duering is impressive, in his own right. I am glad he is my Dr. now.
It was just like i was left in a loop about whats next in my next treatment for my sleep apnea.
Stanford has been the best experience, thus far. Thank you
Excellent services.
provider not sure why I was there
Dr During is the best sleep medicine doc I have ever seen, across Stanford, PAMF, and Kaiser
I have had wonderful doctors at the sleep clinic, most significantly Dr. Liu and Dr. Ruoff. Naturally, I wondered about Dr. Duering until after I met with him. He is high caliber.
Dr. During was excellent. After seeing many doctors Dr. During first to offer a solution.
Dr. Durring was very calm, thorough and informative. He inspired confidence w/ his ability to discern my symptoms. I liked him a lot
Excellent physician experience: he was exceptionally clear, cordial, thorough, efficient without appearing rushed. One of the best experiences I have ever had on an initial visit anywhere.
Dr. During was terrific. I'll definitely recommend that anyone I know who is having sleep issues tries to see him.
It doesn't hurt that Dr. During is easy on the eyes.
Very thorough.
Very satisfied with the care provided.

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