Dr. Linh Dang enjoys practicing full-spectrum primary care. She has a special interest in pediatric and women's health with a particular focus on preventative care.

As a Bay Area native growing up in East San Jose, Dr. Dang especially enjoys working with a diverse population and the most vulnerable and underserved of the community.

Professional Summary

Professional Education
  • Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine (2012)
  • Residency: O'Connor Hospital (2012) CA
  • Medical Education: University of California Irvine (2009) CA

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Family Medicine Associates in San Jose ,

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Excellent provider
She's great!
Dr. Dang is amazing
Dr. Linh Dang is an excellent physician, and has exceptional understanding of medicine and personal care.
I was genuinely comfortable with Dr. Dang, considering this was the first time I met her.
Dr Dang has been amazing. I feel more connected to her in 2 years than I did to my previous PCP who I saw for 6 years
I really appreciate the time she devotes to me as a patient.
Excellent conversation. She listened and thoroughly addressed any questions.
Dr. Dang is the best provider that I’ve ever had. She spends time listening to me as her patient and doesn’t talk down to me. Keep up the good work.
Linn was very knowledgeable and personable.
Dr. Dang is always quick to respond to my messages.
Would recommend to everyone !
She was really nice as always, and help me a lot.
Dr. Dang was very easy to talk to, very personable and knowledgeable.
Dr Lang listened to my description of the issue, asked questions and did everything she could to understand my problem. She included me in a discussion of options for treatment. What more could I ask?
Highly recommended.
Very comfortable in talking with her and very informative.
Yes most definitely
Yes I will
DR L Dang Is the best
She listens well and involves you in your health plan.
Very pleased with my visit with Dr. Dang. Answered and addressed all my questions and concerns.
All staff were understanding and took into consideration all my questions and concern. Good to be heard. Addressed any concern with lab work and suggestions to path forward.
I recommend Dr Dang
My doctor is very friendly, cheerful and shows care. I like her very much
very good
outstanding. I am glad I found her.
I very comfortable .
Dr Dang is very thorough in explaining my lab results and any questions I may have.
Dr. Dang was extremely professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. She was also easy to talk to as well as a good listener.
first time seeing Dr. Dang, very pleasant very patient.
Dr. Dang always provides excellent care. I couldn't be happier!
Dr. Dang is caring, smart, professional and up to date with current practices. I am blessed to have her for my doctor
I have already recommended Dr,Lihn Dang to a very dear friend and she too thinks highly of Dr.Dang!!!
very good
Very good.
No concerns. Very good experience overall.
I have nothing but high praise for Dr Dang.
Dr. Dang is bright and compassionate. it's the telephone system that is horrible and very stressful to navigate.
I appreciated the Md's follow through. She made sure I had an appointment when I needed it and took care of my needs
I'm so appreciative of Dr. Dang moving visits to video calls. I feel like I still got the same great level of care while protecting both of us by staying at home during my state's shelter in place order.
Dr. Dang is wonderful. This is my second visit with her. Unfortunately because of the shelter in place, I couldn't go see her in person, but the web cam appointment was perfect.
My doctor answered all my questions and handle my health issues accordingly.
I selected Dr. Dang as my PCP b/c she makes me feel so comfortable during exams, is very knowledgeable, is great at explaining things & overall just seems like an amazing doctor. She's the reason I stay at Family Medicine Associates.
Dr. Dang is impressive with her knowledge as a physician, communication skills, kindness and instantaneous recollection of why I was at the clinic the last time.
i was initially apprehensive about seeing a new doctor, but Dr Dang quickly eased my concerns w her approach to diagnosing my sports related injury.
she was great!
Dr. Dang is excellent with patients and seems genuine in her interactions
she's excellent!
excellent doc!
Dr. Dang pleasantly, clearly, and expertly diagnosed, explained, treated, and prescribed prescription and other home care.
Dr. Dang is is awesome! She takes her time with my dad during his appointments, answers all of the questions we have and I love and appreciate the fact that she speaks Vietnamese. My dad is in his late 70's and I usually accompany him on his doctor appointments. I take comfort knowing if I'm unable to accompany my dad, that he will be in great hands under Dr. Dang's care. She is friendly, does a great job explaining to me before she translate it over to my dad in Vietnamese. I'm happy and glad to have found Dr. Dang in the Network and give her all the praises! She's a great physician and I'm happy she takes her time with my dad because in the past with his previous PCP, the wait time to see him was long, but the time spent in the examining room was short and rushed by the physician. I'm happy to see Dr. Dang along with the nurse and staff are friendly and it's easy to set up an appointment, or reschedule an appointment.
Dr. Dang is very friendly and professional. She patiently listened to what my health issues were. She throughly explained why different tests would be performed in order to help improve my current conditions. I personally believe that I am in good hands for excellent health care.
I'm very happy with Dr Dang.
Love Dr. Dang.
I had insurance with Kaiser before and now with Stanford Clinic, I can tell the difference between doctors who treat me . My doctor at Stanford clinic is way better. I am totally satisfied because she explains to me patiently in details every time I have questions.
if the doctor has more time with other patients when I'm suppose to be seen I should be getting the same amount of time as well
I really like Dr. Dang. I was a patient of Dr. Maxey for a long time. When she retired I thought I was going to have a hard time finding another doctor that I felt comfortable with. The first time I met with Dr. Dang, I knew I wanted her as my PCP.
my Dr is excellent!
I recommend Dr. Dang to people all the time. She is a lovely PCP. She naturally connects with her patients and puts them as ease all while providing great care.
Dr. Dang made me feel at ease right away. She took care of me in a manner that was kind, compassionate, and thorough. She also was prompt in her follow-up of my lab results and provided clear, understandable explanations. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a PCP!
Dr. Dang is the best doctor I've had.
Dr Dang is the best!!!!!
they did the good job
This doctor (Dr. Dang) is excellent.
Excellent and caring physician!
Dr. Dang is the most considerate and responsible doctor I have ever met. Being treated by her, I was put at ease and given to feel I'm in safe hands. Every time my wife or I visited her, we'd feel fully satisfied and extremely happy.
very good experience
dr Dang is excellent
Felt really good with seeing her, she knew right away what was wrong.
This was my first visit with Dr. Dang. I was a long time patient of Dr. Maxey. Dr. Dang is great! She definitely made me feel comfortable as if I was talking to a friend. I'm glad she is going to be my primary care doctor.
Dr. Dang was great! Very friendly and understanding. I really felt comfortable talking to her.
I believe Dr. Dang is very smart. She does explain everything completely and give options to any treatment.
very good
Excellent care as always.
I was allowed to choose which step to do first for my skin problem. Dr. Dang outlined everything and we came to a decision.
physician did not rush and very good at explaining issue. fast folllowup
Dr. Dang is the best. My only wish is that I had met her sooner.
Dr. Dang always makes us feel we're in the hands of people we can trust for every health problem.
meeting Dr Dang for the first time. she is very friendly and helpful. I do like her and feel very comfortable with her.
Dr Dang is the best doctor I have ever hadShe makes me feel comfortable and feel that I can talk completely open with herShe seems to know everything and has a great sense of humor Give her a raise!!
Dr Linh is really very patient and shows genuine care for my needs and concerns.
Dr. Linh Dang is very easy to talk to and knowledgeable. She is definitely one of my favorite doctors I've ever seen.
very good
first time with dr dang and she was professional, clear, funny, and empathetic. this was a very positive experience and I felt like she really listened to me.
Dr. Dang shows great care & compassion toward her patients. I have complete confidence in her to give me the best care possible.
I feel very confident in Dr. Dang's care. She explains her diagnosis and treatment very thoroughly. I very much like and respect my doctor.
I was very comfortable with the doctor. Her information on my health was very detailed.
Dr. Dang is very relatable. shows her concern, answers all questions, and is very courteous.
very good
Extremely helpful and provided supreme service and follow up as always.
I had mother primary care doctor who was also very good, then she was unavailable so I had to see Dr. Dang. I switched to Dr. Dang because I would talk to her easily - I'm more comfortable w/Dr. Dang.
Dr. Dang is by far my favorite MD, period. She is personable, empathetic, calming, professional. She has a terrific beside manner and I feel like she really listens to me.
First time I had met this doctor. I usually go to a different location but they were booked up. I really liked her. She was very personable and took the time to answer all my concerns.
Dr Dang is awesome
Dr. Dang is my primary doctor. She's extremely understanding and patient to listen to me explaining my problems through my husband since my English is not good. Her professionalism in medicine and expertise in dealing with a patient speaking a different language are so amazing she made me feel no language barrier at all on my visit, particularly when she gave me a comprehensive examination and suggested every possible optimal treatment to me to help cure my sickness and allay my concerns. She is also prompt and helpful to communicate with me through the portal online. I feel extremely lucky to have Dr. Dang as my primary care provider. I'm happy to have this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to her and the staff.
Dr. Dang is an excellent provider. Patient, empathetic and thorough.
Dr. Linh Dang is amazing!
I would highly recommend Dr Dang to all my family and friends. She asked a number of questions, covered all topics of concern in my health. I am very happy that Dr Chiou recommended the practice.
Resident in room also - all went well!
Clearly and decisively determined my condition from the symptoms I provided.
Never had bad experience.
Overall excellent experience. dr dang and her MA are a great pair.
Dr Dang is easy to talk to about my heart issues and she explains in a way I can understand.
Dr. Dang is patient, caring and professional. She makes me feel comfortable and relaxed about my problems and explains everything we go through in clear terms easy for me to understand through translation. She knows her job so well she won't be misled by tricky symptoms, and she is so thorough going and conscientious she won't skip any apparently insignificant signs that may pose potential risks to the patients. I feel lucky and safe to have Dr. Dang as my care provider.
Dr Dang is very thorough so I don't mind waiting because she's being thorough with the patient before me.
nice and friendly
Dr. Dang is the best doctor I have ever been to.
Dr. Tang came highly recommended. She exceeded my expectations!
excellent doctor, she very nice, patient and care for patients. I highly recommend her to anyone.
First time I met Dr. Dang I totally love Dr. Dang. She spent very long time with me to listen my concern and help me. Thank you Dr. Dang!
I have already recommended Dr. Dang to 3 others that have seen her.
I had never seen Dr Dang before but I was very impressed and hope I can see her again.
very good
Being an employee I'm not able to choose Dr. Dang as my PCP but I would definitely recommend her to and friends or family
I love Dr. Dang! She is very approachable and genuine and I feel very comfortable with her.
I like Dr. Linh Thi Dang, by far one of the best Dr. I have ever interacted with and very informative without being a bore.
Nice, very patient, I felt very comfortable and well taken care of.
The physician provided a very thorough examination, I love my doctor. She explained everything that I should do while she is on maternity leave.
Dr. Dang was great. She explained some of the side effects of a medication that I was taking, which could have contributed to the symptoms I was experiencing. She was thorough in the treatment plan to make sure we didn't miss an accurate diagnosis and explained it. As she was examining me, she talked through what she was doing and looking for.
I was very impressed with Dr Dang, I told her I was seeing a gastro dr soon and she could have just blown me off saying "see what he says" but she didn't. She gave me a full exam, even checking my back/rib pain and referring me to the sports doctor. She ordered labs and an ultrasound to rule out other problems regarding my stomach pain.
Dr Dang is an excellent Doctor. Fortunate to have her as my Doctor
five Stars always!!!
Doctor Dang was very nice and helpful with explaining about all my medications, she took her time with me, and didn't seem to be in a rush. She is the best Doctor I've seen in quite some time. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a caring Doctor.
Once I was seen, I had a wonderful experience. I had no problems w/staff or dr. Dang and have selected her as my PCP.
I was very happy with Dr. Dang.
Dr. Dang is also excellent, very thorough and professional, addressed my concerns with confidence and compassion
Again I felt like the doctor was not really listening to all my concerns. Felt like this whole experience was over an hour of people not really caring about their job.
Dr. Dang was WONDERFUL!
Dr Dang was very friendly and seemed honestly concerned
Staff calls me by name, takes interest in my personal life and family.
Dr. Dang was friendly and very thorough. I was completely at ease and not embarrassed while discussing my problems with her.
good experience for first visit and would definitely give both patient and doctor relationship a try.
i'm so happy to have Dr. Dang as my primary care physician. She is amazing!
I love Dr Dang. She makes me feel really comfortable. I dont want another doctor
Dr did a good job in communicating with me, discussing my health concerns and I'm satisfied with the Dr
Dr. Dang saw me because my regular doctor, Norman, could not. I was very impressed with her.
I did not see my regular doctor, Dr. Maxey, however I was able to get an appointment the same morning I called and the doctor I saw was equally wonderful.
Very good.
Dr. Dang is the best doctor I've ever had!! She is amazing, friendly, and caring.
Dr. Deng was very good
Dr Dang was great!!
dr was pleasant and informative. have good recommendations. solved the situation

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