Pamela Flood

Anesthesiologist, Pain management specialist

Adjunct Clinical Professor, Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

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Additional Languages Spoken:
French , Spanish


Dr. Flood is a Professor at Stanford University who is fellowship trained in Pain Medicine and Obstetric Anesthesiology. She specializes in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain and multiple aspects of women's health including the prevention of chronic pain after childbirth. Research interests include the role of multimodal treatment in chronic pain conditions and prevention of persistent opioid use. Her research has spanned from detailed pharmacodynamic analysis, clinical trials to population health.

Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Board Certification: American Board of Anesthesiology, Anesthesia (1996)
  • Board Certification: American Board of Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine (2016)
  • Fellowship: Stanford Hospital and Clinics - Pain Mgmt (2016) CA
  • Residency: New York Presbyterian Hospital (1994) NY
  • Internship: New York Presbyterian Hospital (1991) NY
  • Medical Education: Columbia Univ/Col Phys and Surg (1990)

Administrative Appointments
  • Professor of Anesthesiology, Peri operative and Pain Medicine, Stanford University (2014 - Present)


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Practice Locations

Pain Management Center in Redwood City Redwood City, CA
Redwood City, CA

450 Broadway Street, Pavilion A, 1st Floor

Redwood City , CA 94063

(650) 723-6238

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She was compassionate and I could tell that she cared about my situation. My problem- literally “my†problem is getting certain issues across in a clear way. I felt I lacked expression about the concern of the level of neck pain as opposed to my heightened nerve pain which I’ve mentally resigned to having to deal with for the rest of my life. But to her credit it’s that resignation that adds to severe depression. I trust her as a doctor and that was only a short virtual visit.
Dr Flood was extremely helpful & understanding and was able to get the scheduler to contact me to schedule my procedure asap. Appreciate Dr Flood’s availability & prompt response & followup.
Dr. Flood It’s very insightful caring and knowledgeable doctor that explains her treatment plan and medication plan with compassion. She makes you feel at ease from the beginning and throughout the appointment. Which makes you feel like she’s speaking to you, adult to adult. I’m very grateful that I feel I’m being heard by someone that hears me and explains a shared treatment plan that I have a say in as much is possible.
Dr Flood is so compassionate, smart , and kind. I am sad to see her go in a few months
Dr. Flood is retiring so I will miss seeing her.
Professional courteous and kind.
I am sorry that she will be retiring from the Pain Clinic, as I found her to be very helpful.I find it difficult to find help during what is now a very difficult time in my life.
Great Doctor has been very helpful.
I really like Dr. Flood. I feel safe with her because she is compassionate and she doesn’t seem bothered but present. I am really at my wits end concerning my chronic pelvic pain and I am desperate for relief. I can see that Dr. Flood is very involved in my case even when schedule issues arise. Thank you for being my care provider. With trial and error I know I am close. I’m hopeful that I will become pain free.
She was kind, empathetic, and a great listener - everything a pain management doctor should be!
I feel that Dr. Flood is very knowledgeable and put me at ease for my upcoming procedure.
She's a very great doctor and compassionate.
Dr Flood told me how long she had been working in this field and then said “please just give me a chance†and just that one sentence gave me a little hope that I didn’t have before that.
Dr. Flood, Is very kind and listens and Just seem’s very caring and is helpful, I appreciate her input on my individual situation and would definitely refer her, it was a pleasure meeting and speaking to her!
Pamela is an amazing doctor that listens carefully and points out things that may be beneficial to the growth of my mental health.
She is very compassionate and understands my unique situation with pain.
Dr. Flood is extremely compassionate, understanding, listens well an excellent pain management doctor. I was leery of the Empower study, but now that I'm 7 months in I feel more "all in" largely because of her care.. She's going to be a great educator for these young pain management doctors who don't have the touch, have been trained through a phone or computer and really don't get it. Opioids are one part, a vital part of managing pain, because they works..
She is great! An amazing doctor. Great listener, caring, understanding and someone I connect well with. She understands my health challenges and continually explores what we can do next to address my pain and lung/breathing challenges. They go hand in hand. I’m grateful to have Dr Flood as part of my care team. Thank you Dr Flood!
It was the best doctor meeting in my entire lifw! Pamela was so understanding and i have never felt more comfortable and understood by a dr before
Thanks so much. I'm sending you a virtual hug! I'll actuality miss my appointments. Who would have a doctor's appointment could be a happy place?
Very kind. Very knowledgeable. Very trustworthy.
I was grateful for the advice on talking with other doctors
I went into this appointment having a lot of anxiety of what might come out of it. I’ve been struggling a lot with pain and my anxiety lately, however Pamela made me feel much more secure in my situation and allowed me to feel that I’m control of what was happening. We discussed different options in a comfortable manner and she made sure that I was comfortable with the outcome and ideas she was coming up with
She's really cool and I am so thankful that I got assigned to her considering how many things she does. She listens too and doesn't cut me off and is very compassionate and smart. I am excited to work with her!
Good Dr. attentive to my needs
Pamela Flood was very attentive, professional, and helpful. I was very grateful to have had her help.
pamela is fantastic. she's a caring, thoughtful, intelligent physician who is concerned about her patients.
Great listener, problem solver, and provided a wealth of knowledge and ideas for a path to healing and pain management.
She is very intelligent, compassionate, and good bedside manners. I am excited and grateful for work with her she is very knowledgeable in so many areas. I am so thankful!
Very nice, compassionate Doctor and easy to talk to. Clear suggestions from her about what I should do.
I am getting good care from her
. Dr. Flood has been very good in our discussions. She seems to understand my pain management goals longer term and has advised me when to decrease dose appropriately and when not to without any pressure on or judgement of me. She knows the pharmacology of pain meds well and can explain her rational for the med and dose changes she advises. I have been in chronic, progressively worsening pain for >15 years, Most Dr.s won't even accept you as a patient if you are taking narcotic pain meds on regular basis even if you have imaging that clearly shows an ongoing, degenerative process that is in most patients painful. Or if they do accept you as a patient, whenever you ask for refill of pain meds they recommend to you every time a referral to a drug rehab.facility. Essentially saying they don't believe you have pain but do have an addiction problem. This is very demeaning and depression producing to a patient that is experiencing variable, but always present pain.
Dr Flood is compassionate, understanding and offers option to dealing with chronic pain. That is amazing after years of pain and no options but an increase in opiods that no longer helped much.
She has been helpful to me, and capable..
Excellent doctor. I felt she heard my concerns & had solutions. Was comfortable expressing private concerns as she has patients with similar medical situations.
Dr Pamela flood was very kind and explanatory on everything we talked about
Dr Flood is awesome. I appreciate all that she is done to hep me through my pain journey.
Easy to talk to no problems getting in touch with
She is the first Dr. that I had a video visit with. I feel very comfortable with her. She always explains her suggestions and will ask for my opinion. I have never had a 'bad' video visit with Dr. Flood.
She was compassionate and caring.
Empathic. Really listens and cares
She is an excellent doctor and makes excellent recommendations for my care.
Dr. Flood made sure that I understood any and all of the changes that she made.
One of the best doctors I've had.
Was caring and showed appropriate concern for the patient.
She’s always polite, professional and listens to her patients questions. You can tell she’s one of those physicians that puts her patients first, At the end of each video appointment she always states. That I can reach out to her at any time if I have something come up or a question.
Great doctor. Very caring & knowledgeable!
After the EMPOWER program is over, I wish I could keep her as my Pain Medicine Dr.
Dr. Flood is a very good doctor and person to run this study. This has been a real benefit to me.
Dr. Flood makes sure I understand where i'm at and where i'm going.
Terrific doctor! Like her recommendations. She doesn’t force anything but asks if willing to try.
Very good conversation with her. I believe she is a very good physician.
Pamela Flood has always been wonderful to me even when I've been difficult because I was in a lot of pain. She is so kind and understanding. I'm grateful she puts up with me.
Amazing Doctor!
Dr. Flood makes suggestions not demands. I feel like I am apart of the plan. Not just a visitor on the outside looking in. Dr. Flood encourages questions. And she makes sure that I understand the answers.
She is a very good physician and I've not had too much trouble getting everybody i this house.
Great Doctor
Dr Flood is an absolute joy to work with. Although she has more than sufficient backbone when needed, her interpersonal skills are so well developed that she rarely if ever needs to be forceful or emphatic. She is an active and accurate listener. Her opinions seem to me to be consistent and trustworthy. She is reliable and supportive. I trust her and have no hesitance in discussing with her what might be considered private or sensitive matters. I have been seeing her on a monthly (for the first year or so) and now bi-monthly basis. I would heartily refer someone looking for a pain Doctor to Pamela Flood. I feel extremely fortunate to have been assigned to her when I first entered the Empower program.
I would like to thank her for her patience, understanding and consideration.
I thought she listened very well!!
Very good at listening and explaining everything and that helped me a lot
Dr. Flood is an outstanding physician and is working hard to help get my opioid usage down. She's always prepared and has a plan in mind when we finally have our video appointment.

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