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  • Medical Education: Texas AandM University (1996) TX
  • Residency: Baylor Scott and White Medical Center - Temple (1999) TX
  • Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine (1999)

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Stanford Primary Care in Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA
Santa Clara, CA

2518 Mission College Boulevard, Suite 101

Santa Clara , CA 95054

(408) 688-9720

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She is an excellent doctor who I would highly recommend.
She is terrific, very helpful.
Dr. Gautam is an excellent doctor. She is so empathetic, and genuinely cares about her patients. I always feel comfortable talking to her. When I leave the appointment I always feel like I have a clear plan of action. Really appreciate having her as my PCP.
Very pleasant and courteous. Thank you
I really appreciate that Dr. Gautam takes all of my health concerns seriously and always suggests tests, or areas to explore that will help me feel like we're really looking into the issue and considering it from all angles. I feel that she really listens and genuinely cares about the total wellbeing of her patients.
Excellent doctor, very caring and addressed all my concerns
the doctor clearly & patiently explained my situation, test results & what to expect going forward. Extremely impressed with her!!!
Very happy with the consultation. Neeta Gautam is very caring and helping in nature Thank you
Very please with my first video visit with Dr. Gautam. Very professional, she is caring and listened to all my concerns.
Dr. Gautam is an excellent physician. She is empathetic and really has patient's best interest at heart. She listens very well, and offers great advice. She asks how my other health issues are doing, and is genuinely happy to see progress. She is the best PCP I have ever had.
The best doctor staff and clinic! Beyond satisfied!
She is a wonderful MD that always provides me with excellent services and makes sure to cover all concerns or questions.
Provider listens to patient concern
Excellent visit, as always. Dr. Gautam is a kind, empathetic doctor. She genuinely cares, and listens to everything you have to say. It's always clear what the next steps are.
Dr. Gautam continues to exceed my expectations during every visit. She is invaluable to Stanford medical care.
She very sweet, she listen, she explain everything really good
Md very nice and polite
Dr. Gautam is an excellent physician and PCP. She is everything you would want in a PCP - she is warm and empathetic, she is skilled and knowledgeable, she actively listens and takes you seriously, and she explains things very well. I am very grateful to have her as my doctor, and could not ask for a better PCP.
Excellent doctor.
Excellent PCP as always
Doctor Gautam has always been extremely helpful at every visit
Thank you. Thorough. Great listening and very helpful.
Very great! From the check in to seeing the doctor! First class service!
Thank you!
She's very attentive and very thorough
no wait time. Friendly. Thorough. Professional.
Kind professional
Dr Neeta is the best, kind and professional
Excellent physician and very caring
Dr. Gautam is an extremely caring and empathetic doctor. She is incredibly patient with my ongoing issues and questions, and always takes the time to explain things so I'll understand. She is open minded and listens to what I have to say, and does so with genuine concern. She puts forward clear strategies, and is never afraid to say if she doesn't have an answer to something, which is something I really respect in a doctor (and anyone). I never feel like she is untrusting of me, and she believes what I tell her. I'm grateful to have her as a doctor and I think anyone is lucky to have someone like that as their primary care physician.
Timely, shows concern, professional, courteous, and thorough, friendly
Dr Gautam is an excellent care provider
Dr. Gautam is such a wonderful physician. She genuinely cares about her patients. This appointment in particular was excellent. She was so supportive and she seemed genuinely happy that I was finally making some improvements with this problem. I felt so encouraged after this appointment, and it just helped a lot, because I"m having to put so much work in to this, and it made me feel like the efforts have been worth it. I felt so hopeful knowing that she thought things are going in a good direction. Dr. Gautam gave me so much useful info during the appointment. We came up with a good next step plan, and putting that in words and hearing her encouragement made me feel like I can do this. It's really helpful to have someone this caring and knowledgeable. It changed my whole mood regarding this situation and I think I started working harder, because I just believe this can be overcome. You guys are very lucky to have her as a doctor working for you.
Very thoughtful and attentive clinician
Dr Gautam is a great listener. I felt heard and understood.
Very nice doctor
She’s very nice and helpful
Very nice doctor.
Dr. Gautam is the best.
Ver professional, pleasant and courteous.
She got annoyed when I wasn't able to describe well my symptoms, I'm nit a native speaker, she should be patient to those who are still trying to think of the right vocabulary to use
Dr. Gautam is the best! I have been very happy with all the care and prevention she provides.
Dr. Gautam was stellar, as usual. She is by far the best PCP I have ever had. She always looks over my recent doctor visits with other doctors, and has herself up to date on my situation. She always remembers everything we've gone over in the past. The first thing she said when the video started was "how are you doing?" and "you're looking great!" It was very encouraging. She commented on how I looked physically better than last time we spoke, and seemed genuinely happy about that. We went over all issues, as always, she listened to everything I had to say, and then addressed everything I asked. Every time she offers advice, or a suggestion, she explains why she is thinking this, and then puts it in terms I can understand, and stops before going on to make sure I get it. "Does that make sense?" She'll ask. She gave me clear, actionable things I could do starting today. I love that she does not jump right to prescribing medication for everything. She is always eager to look at if there's things I can do such as minor changes in diet, increase fluid intake, etc. I appreciate this greatly about her. (Though she has never expressed resistance when I've requested medication, and often presents it as "well this medication could help, but (some diet change) might have a similar effect. We could do either, which do you prefer? Or maybe try one then go for the other if it doesn't work?".) When I brought up some concerns about a side effect of a recent medication I started taking, she was already on it, looking up in her system if it's a report side effect, then gave some insight in to why my body might have reacted that way, and let me know what we could do going forward if I needed a similar medication in the future. She counseled me on a medication that had been prescribed to me by another provider, clarifying the questions I had about it as well. She cleared up all my confusion. Throughout the entire appointment she was calm, on the ball, pleasant, friendly, empathetic, and had a sense of humor. I leave every appointment with her having learned something, and feeling like there's actionable things I can do to improve my health, that I'd of never come up with on my own. I always leave feeling like I know what to do next. The appointments are a wealth of knowledge for me that I could not get on my own. Dr. Gautam is a truly fantastic physician, and you guys are so lucky to have her. (and us patients, are even luckier.)
Excellent communication. Helpful and compassionate. Highly recommend.
Very professional, helpful, and concise! I felt like she listened intently, heard what I had to say and offered pertinent advice!
She is a wonderful physician. She always gives me the feeling that I am valued as her patient. She is always aware of my medical issues which makes me feel that she knows and cares about me.
Dr.Gautam is very attentive & knowledgeable. She makes it easy to share health concerns with her. I would recommend her to any of my friends & grateful for making time for patients like me.
Dr. Gautam is a stellar doctor, and I'm so grateful to have her as a PCP. This was in particular a very positive, and efficient appointment. She started off the appointment, asked how I was doing, and asked what was going on. She took all the information, made sure to clarify things and made sure she understood me and what was going on. Before she gave me her thoughts on what I'd said, she mentioned that she had looked through the notes for my recent visits with the RD and with GI, so she had some extra context there when giving her opinion to me. Want to say that I really appreciated that - and I think that was a lot better than me trying to explain it all, because I probably would have misremembered something. Anyway, we went over everything I asked about. More than a couple times during the appointment she stopped and asked more questions to make sure she understood clearly what I was telling her (I was mentioning about some pain, and so she dug deeply in this to understand exactly where the pain was, what it was like, asked many questions, she took notes during all of this and was super focused). She even stood up to demonstrate on her own back where she would expect me to be feeling something if it were something else. I was so relieved to hear her opinions on this - it was so well thought out, so clear. during this whole appointment Dr. Gautam was really focused, present. She listened and took all my concerns seriously. She came up with several ideas as to what could possibly be going on. Made it clear on when i should follow up with her (she didn't think the pain was any red flag, but made sure to let me know to reach out if it didn't go away, for example, she said she wanted to know if I saw correlations between it and my menstraul cycle) - it was all very clear, and I just felt at the end of this that not only did I have a much better idea what was going on, but I had a really clear strategy in place. Another thing - I've been struggling with hypoglycemia and I asked questions about that too. Again she explained her thoughts on what is probably going on. It really put me at ease. Not only did she tell me what was probably going on, but gave me really clear advice on what to do in the future under different circumstances. Again, makes me feel much better equipped to deal with these issues. I feel like I've written so much, but I just can't praise this, and previous appointments enough. I go in to the appointment with a bunch of jumbled thoughts, because for me it's just a collection of symptoms that I have no idea how they are related. At the end of the appointment she has given me her thoughts and ideas, several possibilities on what could be going on, what to look out for for those different scenarios, what to do right now, what to watch out for, and how to follow up. I leave the appointment feeling like I have a clear idea of how things are related and what is actually going on, and also have a strategy for now and for the immediate future. It's clear to me what to do, when to follow up, what I need to tell her about, how to handle various scenarios. To top this all over, Dr. Gautam is a super empathetic and just nice person to interact with - always smiling and pleasant, even though I'm sure with COVID, this is a very stressful time for doctors. I really can't be more grateful for appointments like today. I can only hope to have doctors like this throughout my life - what a blessing that would be! But I think Dr. Gautm is a rare combination of so many different qualities that make a great doctor!
have good experience as always
Dr. Gautam was fantastic!
Dr. Gautam is an incredible doctor. I can not speak enough good things about her. She is incredibly empathetic, kind, and she listens very well. She takes everything I say seriously, even when I think others might not. She always makes sure she understands what's going on and isn't misunderstanding what I've tried to communicate, before she goes on. As always - she always seems to be really informed and knowledgeable about what I bring up and that is one thing I greatly appreciate about her - I always feel I'm in very solid hands. On the rare cases I've encountered where she isn't sure about something, or doesn't have specialty insight in to the thing I'm asking about, she says, I'm not sure about that, or I haven't read the literature about that, or something along those lines, instead of just throwing an answer out there for the sake of it. Another thing I really like about her - once she's listened and starts forming her opinion, she tends to explain things in depth about what she thinks might be going on. Then she pauses and makes sure I understand before moving on with the rest of the explanation. I really appreciate this - both explaining her reasoning and why she thinks something, and making sure I understand. With some doctors in the past they'll just order a test or come to some conclusion but often leave me in the dark about why. I love knowing why she thinks what she does, and I always take notes. One of the things I really appreciate about Dr. Gautam is her personality. She always seems happy to see the patient, she always asks how I'm doing, and it always feels very genuine. I think she really likes being a doctor and likes helping people and likes what she does. At least this is the impression I get. I feel incredibly lucky to have found her as a primary care provider. I have gone over on time a few times and I felt bad about that but she always said it's OK. She gives you your full time and attention, and for those 30 minutes, it is clear that the time is yours and she is there for you. I could not be happier with her as my primary care doctor, she's everything I could want in a doctor and more.
She is acappablecapable and caring physician.
I always receive excellent care from Dr. Gautam. She is very helpful, I met all my medical needs, she provides effective care to her patients. I have always been satisfied with the care that I have received from her. She is the best.
Dr.Gautam was awesome in giving me the right care needed when I had a concern and appreciate the help and diligence. I look forward to my yearly physical sometime soon.
Friendly and professional :)
She is the best PCP. I feel really comfortable relaying my medical problems and she always addresses them really efficiently and reliably.
Very good experience.
I would've liked the physician to share her experience & opinions on my concerns/questions more openly.
Overall, excellent service and experience.
Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, showed concern
excellent Doctor
Outstanding listener.
Dr. Gautam is very good. Great first impression, caring & good listener. Ready to help. Thank you for having Dr. Gautam on your team.
Dr. Gautam is very experienced. She does not prescribe any medication unnecessarily. Very happy to have her as the doctor for our whole family.
very excellent, felt like I am part of a team!
Helped me out a lot in finding the care I need.
This was the first time I met her, not knowing her much, so I don't have answer to the questions recommend her to others.
I always feel I am in the best hands. Dr. Gautam makes me feel better already because I know she takes care of my problems like if they were her's.
Dr. Gautam could not have been more caring. What a nice dr.
Dr. Gautam is the most outstanding physician. She cares about me. She answers any messages very timely. I have recommended her to friends.
Dr. Neeta Gautam is the best doctor I've ever had. She is smart, very caring, careful, thoughtful, considerate, and compassionate she is good at what she does and she cares about her patients.
I really appreciate that Dr. Gautam took an immediate care when she heard about me knee pain.
Dr. Gautam is very caring, kind, thoughtful, understanding of my husband's unique circumstances & physical & mental conditions.
I appreciated very much the doctor's follow up call to make sure I was doing well.
Dr. Gautam is the best primary doctor I have EVER had and I have had many. Thank you for all your hard work and for always caring.
Dr. Gautam is very kind and patient with my aphasic hubby he thinks she's the best! No problems with the long drive to see his dr. She is very thorough and has a way to gain his cooperation - not an easy task.
Dr. Gautam is very knowledgeable, kind, and trustworthy. I always feel really safe and confident during my visits with her. she has a whole body approach and avoids the pitfall of isolating the chief complaint- she is very vigilant. she also does a great job keeping in contact and following up with her patients both over my health and via phone. I am very grateful to have her as my primary practitioner.
Dr. Gautam seems well prepared for my appointments, so we don't have to waste a lot of time covering old stuff, which I appreciate.
the doctor was very professional and helpful.
I appreciated the doctor's proactive discussion of my health. She had clearly read my file and asked me about recent surgery that I had forgotten to mention, even checking my range of motion to see my rate of recovery. I appreciated that she asked me questions and didn't jist wait for me to mention any issues I should be worried about.
Great doctor, I'm so pleased.
Dr. Gautam is very thorough and pays attention to my concerns.
Love the service the dr and nurse provide
if you had an "excellent"category would use that to describe our Dr
Great job.
Upon her return, Dr. Gautam was well keep on my condition, and glad to see my return. Spent time to talk, ask questions, and explain.
Dr. Gautam is terrific - always responsive to concerns, willing to listen and replies to my health messages!
Dr Gautam is exactly the health care provider I have been looking for .
Great listener, very knowledgeable, very good recommendations, advice.
my mother and sister are now under dr Gautams care- that's how good she is
follow up on my x ray was an important topic as I was traveling following day and I did not hear back from the office....
Checked medications so would not order more if already were taking them. Great!

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