Iva Ilic, MD, is a board certified family physician with extensive experience as a hospitalist. She has a special interest in women's health, small office procedures and preventative care.

In her spare time, she hikes with her husband, and plays the piano.

Professional Summary

Professional Education
  • Residency: San Joaquin General Hospital (2007) CA
  • Internship: North Texas Medical Foundation (2005) TX
  • Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine (2007)
  • Medical Education: University of Zagreb School of Medicine (1996) Croatia

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Almaden Family Physicians Medical Group ,

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cold, unfriendly, ask personal questions, even rude to some extend
She listens! Sometimes clients are nervous and don’t know how to explain their symptoms in a quick response!
Dr. Ilic is wonderful!
She is very sweet and provides excellent care and information!
She is a very thorough and good doctor.
She’s wonderful!
Very concise and personable.
She is a good listener, very easy to talk to and very helpful.
She listened to my concerns and asked relevant questions regarding my concerns.
Dr. Ilic is a wonderful, informative doctor. I'm very grateful to have met her.
Dr. Llic does a wonderful job listening and explaining what treatment to follow. She is very professional and listens to your concerns and needs. I feel she is very thorough and her medical team help keep her office running smoothly.
I received excellent care from my physician. She was thorough, kind, and patient.
Same a previous comments... appreciate Doctor Iva Ilic's patience and understanding of my being late. I felt comfortable and wish to make her my primary care physician. Thank you!
A caring attitude.
she is awesome.
She was very pleasant to converse with. For my first visit, I was impressed with her professionalism and thoroughness of her inquiries if my medical history. I loved that she was knowledgeable about the mind/body connection.
Friendly, thorough physician. Would highly recommend!
She is knowledgeable, professional and very compassionate
Beyond my expectation. Thank you.
Thoughtful, helpful, goes beyond the surface, insightful.
Dr. Ilic is an excellent doctor. I’m glad I found her.
I am grateful that Dr Ilic accepted me as a patient. She is concerned and conscientious, striving to help you achieve your best possible health. She also listens to your input. These are marks of an exceptionally helpful pcp. Thank you.
She is very professional and has excellent people skills
Dr. Ilic was clear, compassionate and very thorough. Her personality was warm and comforting. I felt extremely confident in her assessment and appreciated her explaining the steps necessary to begin healing the wrist. She included photos, directions and medication dosage in her notes which were very helpful to review afterwards.
Very personable and thorough with explaining tests and lab work
She was very courteous and understanding.
She is very friendly.
I think Dr. Illic is personable, open, and thorough. I think we will have a good doctor/patient relationship.
She is indeed a great Doctor but didn't mention the further action plan but did tell to check on the my health after half an hour.
Dr Ilic is great. She’s very knowledgeable, patient, explains things in an easy to understand way and seems to genuinely care about her patients. Very happy to have found such a good dr.
Very personable & prompt. Took time to answer my questions.
Great doctor, helped me with what I needed.
She’s great! I really like her as my doctor!
She was extremely rude and hostile because somehow she got the impression that I thought she was wasting my time (I have no idea why she thought that). I asked her very direct questions about how to get an IUD and how to see a physical therapist, and I could not get a clear answer despite multiple attempts. I’ve never had a doctor treat me like this before and I really don’t understand where her hostility and rudeness came from. I’ve also NEVER complained about any service I’ve ever received (in any industry!) so hopefully that puts into perspective how awful she made me feel.
She is excelent. Love her!
She was great
I liked Dr. Ilic, although I think the appointment would have been better and more personable if it had been in-person. I don't think I had enough time to discuss everything that I wanted with her and I'm worried about how difficult it may be to schedule a follow-up in a timely manner.
Thank you!
Dr. Iva Ilic did a great job with my first ever virtual appointment. She was kind, friendly, helpful and lovely to speak with. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient!
The very best.
It was great talking to Dr.Iva Ilic.
Great to meet her, really hoping she becomes my long term PCP
Very thoughtful, willing to look at alternative therapies and very patient. The visit did not feel rushed.
If excellent was a choice, I would click on it.
Best doctor I have met since 2001.
Dr. Llic was on schedule and talked some about her background. We went over past and existing issues and her explanations were concise and clear. Dr. Llic was easy to talk with and I felt comfortable doing the video.
I loved her!
Dr. Ilic does a great job of explaining issues/treatments/follow up. She is patient, & thorough.
Dr. Ilic is an excellent communicator about health issues, questions around it and provide plentiful resources to learn. Thank you.
I am very pleased to have found her and extremely grateful that she accepted a new patient, especially during pandemic times. I appreciate that she gives clear, firm counsel as she also listens to my health challenges and and works with me. She is patient and efficient all at once.
She’s a great doctor she takes her time to hear you and explain the problems
Thank you for the video visit Dr. Ilic. These are trying times and we must accommodate and be considerate of each other. I look forward to seeing you in-person for my next medical visit. I am fully vaccinated and will be seeing Dr. Galatin at Stanford/San Jose on Thursday.
I appreciate her understanding of my particular hard times that I'm experiencing over last 2 months, and she's trying her best. She has even changed her approach to my old problem and medication-Hypertension, and after just a few days I can see positive results.
Dr. Iva Sikirica is a very professional person & very attentive & kind.
outstanding medical team
I love her!
Iva was very rude, combative, and argumentative. Insulting, couldn't believe how I was treated. When I tried to speak she said we've moved on to a new subject. If I saw her again, we would argue.
Highly recommend Dr. Llic!! She is so good at explaining the issue and finding ways to make you better.
I was only in for a pre-op physical.
Dr. Illic is absolutely outstanding..compassionate, respectful, truly concerned about my ailment and guiding me with expertise, firmness, compassion, knowledge and care..everything one seeks in their physician and more. So grateful for being fortunate in having her as my physician
Dr. Ilic is fabulous. She truly cares and is well informed. She checks in and adjusts treatment if necessary. I feel very confident in her care and highly recommend her.
I'm quite picky about bedside manner and I thought my doctor was excellent in bedside manner and information provided as well as recommendations for treatment.
very curt and brusque in answering questions, felt she wanted to get you out the door. Not personable, unfriendly.
Care provider was very informative and the hand out that I got at the end telling me about all the meds & how to take them was VERY helpful. If this clinic wasn't so far from my house I would definitely make this my primary care facility!
Friendly and put effort to set me at ease.
My first time with Dr. Ilic. She was kind, thorough and considered my self-diagnosis along with other possibilities.
I brought my daughter along who is an RN. She was very impressed with Dr. Ilic and so am I.
Again, Dr. Ilic was very responsive to my MyHealth message, and pro-active in getting my medication ordered. I greatly appreciate that!
I really like Dr. I.
Dr. Ilic and staff are always great!
very good treatment and preventative care
Love Dr. Ilic! Very happy.
after a series of having doctors retiring or moving I feel more confident that I am being cared for my health
I feel my team listens to me
Dr. IIic is my "dream dr."
I really appreciate the written up paperwork of the appointment and written instructions hand to us patients at end of appointment!
Dr. Ilic is an excellent doctor and I am very happy with her as my primary.
She was very helpful in explaining my symptoms and the exercises I needed to do to help with it.
Love Dr Illich
Dr. Illic is great !
nice and help
I cannot thank Dr Ilic and her team for the care they showed me and for the time spent with a difficult situation. She is amazing and I so appreciate her
Very patiently listened to me and addressed my concerns and questions. Also, very perceptive of my emotions/reactions that helped me feel she understood what I was going through.
Dr.Illich is excellent. Not only she explains things that I need to pay attention,she gave me a printed copy, so I could read again when I return home.
I love getting my care here. I feel I have a very personal relationship with my care provider, Dr. Ilic. She is an excellent provider.
One of the best drs. I ever had thanks!!!
Dr. Ilic is caring and friendly. Will answer my questions. It's a good thing she is so good, otherwise I would have given up and gone somewhere else due to the stress of trying to make an appt.
Dr. Ilic is extremely concerned about my health, has gone out of her way to contact me via email and telephone concerning my condition. She even has gone to the extent to contact other doctors she has referred me to, to expedite appointments. She is awesome.
md did not help my concerns at all. made me feel like I was a bother to her. like she didn't want me to be there.
Dr. Ilic is wonderful. She was caring, kind, and informative. She didn't rush me out.
She is excellent.
DR. ILIK is excellent.
She informs various condition at which my symptom can happen. She is very thorough in examining me. She is EXCELLENT !
She was great - so very caring and personable. Amazing "bedside manner" - would highly recommend her.
Dr. Ilic is highly recommended!
My provider is the best in the business. Several other providers mentioned that she is a good doctor.
Enjoyed a bit of personal conversation.
The doctor did not allow me to freely talk and needed to state her case that I was interrupting her. I feel the doctor should allow the patient to express their concerns.
Good experience.
VERY impressed with Dr Ilic !
She was very knowledgeable & understanding & caring.
Dr Iva Ilic is the best doctor I've ever met. she's very good of explaining of everything. you could tell she's really care a lot of her patient. she's the best.
Good care.
1st meeting w/Dr. Ilic. Seems very competent; has good rapport w/patient.
My first visit with new doctor - Ilic was very thorough about my issues.
did not get full 20 min appt. will need to reschedule to cover additional questions.
Doctor Ilic give me her undivided attention and never makes me feel as if she is rushed
one my best Doctors
very caring and through
+Although I waited a while to see the doctor, she was unrushed with me--appreciated! -I mentioned several spots on my back; she zeroed in on one and neglected the others.
This was my first visit to this office and I will be returning. I already recommended Dr. Ilic to my daughter.
Very Good
This particular physician is relatively new to the organization, and she has been open and professional from my first appointment with her. She is an asset to this practice.
This was my first consultation with Dr. Ilic. We had spoken via messages in the App for a few weeks and I think we were both a bit frustrated. Dr. Ilic requested that I come in for a visit and I'm so glad that I did. She was VERY friendly and informative, and also truly listened to my concerns and worked immediately to help. She also provided a lot of additional information on things I can do to improve my overall wellness. She was humorous, and spoke straight to the point without any hint of talking down. As a client of Dr. Jeff Ettinger for 10 years, I was distraught when he abruptly left. I was very close with him and didn't want to change doctors. Dr. Ilic has made me feel very comfortable staying with this clinic and I look forward to continuing to work with her!
I expected more recommendations about dietary supplements regarding my age, not just mentioning that all issues are normal and can not be helped. One reference about a talk-show was not quite relevant for I did not come to discuss TV. Another this is the patience the doctor expressed toward me. Actually, no patience. When my Apple Watch showed some activities, which I stopped immediately, the doctor went furious in her reaction, lecturing me as a teenager. I was so shocked and could not even to say something or react to it. In other circumstances, I would probably leave immediately. I never let people talk to me in that way with higher tone of voice and being so rude. None expects such reaction from a doctor. I understand the policy of cellphones, but in this case it was a silent vibration of the watch. From my opinion, even if it was a phone with the highest volume of sound, a doctor (!) does not have a right to be rude with a patience, increase voice, and also give 5 minute lecture about it. Hence, the result is I am going to change a primary physician for it is hard to fancy to get back to this doctor. Also, considering the attitude of the nurse, I am also thinking to change the clinic or the health care provider. One thing I know for sure, I will not get back to Almaden Clinic.
Excellent overall experience.
I followed Dr Ilic from her previous clinic to this practice. I've already referred her to other people in my life as an excellent dr.
Dr. Iva Ilic was wonderful! I had never been seen by her before at this clinic, but she truly cares and is genuinely concerned about the well being of her patients. I may end up changing my care provider because of her kindness and compassion.
Dr. Iva Ilic is wonderful in every respect.
I like Dr. Ilik, and have confidence in her.....besides she likes watercoloring.
Dr. Iva Ilic took time, was very caring & professional! Did not feel rushed through.
Doctor was friendly overall but at the end of our visit when I asked for some instructions and provided the background story, she cut me off politely and mentioned she had spent a lot of time with me already and had other patients waiting. I understand care providers are busy and she did help me at the end but her comment made me feel uncomfortable that I asked her help.
Dr. Ilic was great. I really liked her and felt she listened to my concerns.
Dr. Ilic was very kind, and compassionate. She listened to my concerns, and made sure that I understood the plan of action, and followup.
Once dr. arrived I was very confident in her experience. Very good bedside manner. Although frustrated by delays, would highly recommend Dr. Ilic.
I had seen Dr. Ilic 2 or 3 times about 7-10 years prior at another clinic. I was very surprised that she mentioned "I know you from somewhere."
Really excellent assistant! Dr. Ilic was very good.
I felt honored being called by my doctor. It was like a personal touch.
I'm Anna's daughter, an ICU RN and was unbelievably impressed with the service, professional demeanor and speed of these caregivers!
It would have been helpful if Dr. Ilic had told me what she found as she examined me (i.e. ears look good, throat is a little swollen but not too bad, etc.). Instead, I had to ask her how I was in her opinion. She was very kind and well-intentioned, but I think we had a couple of communication mishaps, not due to words but more socially. I appreciated her care and quick service!
My doctor and her team made me feel like my former doctor and team made me feel that I transfered from prior to my retirement.
Dr. Ilic is excellent
I felt confident about the instructions. My comments were taken into account with regards to my condition and the prescribed care.
We were treated as if we had been long standing patients.
Doctor was with me for 5 minutes after she was 45 minutes late. Was very condescending & rude. I was also under the impression I would be seeing MY dr., not Dr. Illic.
This doctor made us want to have her at once for our primary doctor.
Providing a printed summary is a great step up!
very knowledgeable and informative Professional
First time with this doctor and REALLY like her - had a great experience and would recommend her and see her again.
Have already recommended office.
I really liked the doctor and would love to ha e her as my primary but will have to pick someone else since she is just so far from my home.
Having just lost my husband dr gave me a hug and showed she really cared.
very good experience
Dr. Ilic is great, very thorough - almost too much. I've been sent for more tests and to another doctor.
Went so far as sketching a diagram to help explain the situation.
Dr. Ilic was very friendly, she had bedside manner, very patient, and professional.
Following a serious MVA, my primary MD was on vacation so I saw two different MDs on staff and they were both excellent. My primary has always been excellent.
The provider was excellent and reviewed the chart and most helpful and listened to my concern.
First time with Dr Ilic and I was very pleased. Very thorough clinically and personable.
As a new walk in opatient I was readily put at ease and felt comfortable discussing my medical problem. I would definitely recommend her to others and would like to return to her if she is accepting new patients.
I felt that no rapport was established during visit. Dr. Ilic was very professional; maybe too professional that I did not feel a connection.
doctor was unfriendly and we got off on a bad start and the whole appointment was a disaster
Real people/great.

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