Professional Summary

Professional Education
  • Board Certification: American Board of Addiction Medicine, Addiction Medicine (2010)
  • Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine (2014)
  • Addiction Medicine, American Board of Addiction Medicine, Addiction (2010)
  • Residency: UCSF Medical Center (1994) CA
  • Internship: UCSF Medical Center (1992) CA
  • Medical Education: Stanford University School of Medicine (1991) CA
  • Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine (1994)
  • M.D., Stanford University, School of Medicine (1991)

Honors & Awards
  • Community Treasures: Community Service Recognition, Stanford University (2004)
  • Dean's Award for Community Service, Stanford University School of Medicine (1991)
  • Ecuadorian Award for Outstanding Achievement, CINTERANDES (1995)
  • The University 2006 Distinguished Achievement Award, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (2006)
  • Top 100 "Women of Influence" in Silicon Valley, The San Jose Business Journal (2009)
  • UnSung Heroes Feature, MONEY Magazine (December 2004)

Administrative Appointments
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Center for Education and Family Community Medicine (1995 - 2008)
  • Clinical Associate Professor, DGMD (2008 - Present)


Specializing In

  • Addiction Medicine
  • Adolescent Medicine
  • Integrative and Alternative Medicine
  • Senior Health
  • Stress Management and Anxiety
  • Travel Medicine
  • Women's Health

Practice Locations

Stanford Express Care Clinic - San Jose San Jose, CA
San Jose, CA

52 Skytop Street, Suite 10

San Jose , CA 95134

(669) 294-8888

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Stanford Express Care Clinic – Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

211 Quarry Road, Suite 102

Palo Alto , CA 94304

(650) 736-5211

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Exceptional knowledge is care for patient & good listener. Good prescription.
Great doctor! She's fun, helpful, and clearly very knowledgeable.
Dr Contag was excellent explained diagnosis very well. Dr. Jones was excellent as well
Dr. Jones spent a lot of time with me. This is very rare and was much appreciated. the amount of care and interest shown was in and of itself therapeutic.
the best care I've recevied in a long time
Problem & after care after the express doctor visit nobody took care to inform me about the results & after care.
Doctor gave me a hand writing medication instruction, and explained each one to me. And the staff called me to follow up on the next day.
she listened to everything I had to say and she actually believed me and ran the test I asked for. LOVED HER
very good
Fantastic care in all ways!
At the end of the appointment I felt as if she left in a hurry as if I had wasted her time. I wasn't sure if the appointment was over or if there was someone else I was going to see to close the session. I feel that she showed concern in my care up to the point where my activity levels did not match with perhaps what is typically associated with the diagnosis. I felt belittled and the notes do not reflect the responses I provided during the appointment.
Dr. Jones resolved the issues concerning my finger most readily, draining and x rays, so we could discuss my overall health care. Dr. Jones definitely showed concern for my overall health in a short period of time.
All the way around, Great experience!
she was very attentive to each symptom presented. ordered an X-ray which made me fill more confidence in her dx
Dr. Evelyn Jones MD provides health care guidance with perspicuity, common sense, and empathy.
I highly recommend this amazing and a true patient care organization to family and friends.
Doctor E. Jones and A. Kiang both saw me and they were excellent. Both listened and then ask what I thought and included that in the final diagnosis. That's a winning combination for patient care!
I felt like I wasn't listened to and that my mental health was assumed to be the issue in a way which wasn't appropriate. I felt as though I was confronted with notes from a recent mental health visit rather than being listened to. It felt intrusive and not collaborative. I was pretty surprised because I have seen this provider before and it had been a good experience.
Dr. Jones is the best!
at first I was worried I was being paranoid but MD put me at ease by ordering tests. both turned out negative but I would have been worried and annoyed if the tests weren't ordered.
She is the best doctor I've ever seen! I wish she could be my primary care doctor. I feel extremely confident in all of the doctors within Stanford, however now that I've seen her twice for urgent issues, I feel that she goes above and beyond.
Aside from the delay in seeing the doctor, the care was excellent and I would highly recommend Dr. Jones.
I would definitely recommend this provider to my friends, co-worker and family.
My issue with this provider was not about the medical care she provided, which overall was very good. It was about her interpersonal style and lack of appropriate professional boundaries. I came in to discuss an issue with trigger finger, which she addressed quite well. But there have also been some other more systemic issues that I'm being seen for by a rheumatologist and a hematologist. She looked over those test results (though she struggled to navigate my health records on the computer for some time) and then began to make suggestions about proper follow up care, e.g., she suggested I should definitely have a bone marrow biopsy (which my hematologist has since decided I don't need) and that if I do have multiple myeloma (which it now appears I don't), I should go to UCSF, where they do the best work on this. Given that at the time I was quite worried about that diagnosis, and that I was already being seen by someone else for it, this seemed like an odd thing for her to be suggesting. Then, in a separate inexplicable piece of conversation, she asked what I do and, when she learned I work with undergraduates at Stanford, she launched into a lengthy discourse on a non-profit she started, brought it up on the computer and began giving me what amounted to her philosophy of medicine and education, and what's wrong with our system of medical care and how we need to address it. This led to questions about whether there would be a way for her to engage undergraduates in some of her research (something which my office funds). All of this completely extraneous, of course, to the reason for my visit. In all, she spent a lot of time with me, but a good bit of it was not about me at all, and part of that was not about the thing I came to be seen for. I found the whole experience rather bizarre, actually.
I think she was very good in explaining my symptom of illness and options of her treatments.She was very caring and took a time to explain everything very thoroughly.
"Best care" & friendliness I ever had!
this was one of the best doctors I have experienced with Stanford (along with my primary doctor). she was perfect for my concerns and her knowledge was comforting.
Doctor was the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of working with!
I have been seen/consulted with 3 other providers in this clinic and Dr. Jones was the best by far. She listened to my concerns, discussed plan, showed empathy and was very personable.
The doctor was exceptionally thorough and uncovered treatment for a problem which my Stanford PCP misdiagnosed and then ignored. She did this by continuing to ask me about my symptoms; when and where and then doing some simple tests. The treatment was basically short term use of an inhaler to help clear my lungs. The improvement in my health was almost immediate.
I would tell anyone that if that they saw Dr. Jones they would be very fortunate.. She was better than excellent at taking care of me both medically, and supportively. She was completely proficient, and very kind to me while I was in a bad way. Over the top of excellence.
I definitely will recommend to friends and family
Dr. Jones was so accommodating, caring and thorough. She asked detailed questions to make sure that she doesn't missed out on any information especially when I shared about my past visits at Stanford where I had a life threatening reaction to the meds given to me. She was comforting, took her time in explaining what could possibly be happening in my body, given me conservative treatment to avoid med reaction, but did tests to make sure there's nothing serious to worry about. I felt very at ease and well taken care of by her.
I wish all doctors were like Dr. Jones. I can't think of many instances where I felt more like a human while receiving healthcare. Thank you!
Really liked this dr. - She was attentive & competent.
She made going to the doctor fun; I wish she could be my primary care physician
Providers were through, explained everything that happened clearly, provided insight, answered all my questions with clear answers. Took procedure with care.
Very impressed with Dr. Evaline Jones
excellent as usual
Dr. Jones made me feel very comfortable during my visit. I would not hesitate having her for future visits. Outstanding!!!
I've seen Dr Jones for a few years now, and love interacting with her and receiving her care
Dr. Jones was great!
She made me a cup of tea. It was great. My prescription dosage was not correct. A different dr. fixed it later that day. Needed better info on when to come back, when to escalate to ER or urgent care.
she was amazing!
She is very nice. She tried to help me.
she was extraordinary! Professional, kind, caring.
Dr. Jones one of the very best doctor that I had, very caring and compassionate. Called me the following day to check on me. Thanks you so much Dr. Jones!
Dr. Jones is an amazing Dr. w so much expertise and experience. her down to earth and honest approach to her patients and diagnosis is exemplary and should be emulated by up and coming doctors.
she was terrific. I was very ill, dehydrated, and seriously uncomfortable. I left feeling confident she was following through. she even called me with the results from my CBC and walked me through next steps for my primary care physician. top notch service and follow through. very professional and personable.
The care provider did not explain what causes the ailment and what is the cure. She just suggested that I do some exercises and take a pain killer. She mentioned that she would add a referral to the physio-therapist for this issue but she did not.
very professional insightful doctor
provider took time, communicated well, showed much care and interest. Way more than the doctor than the doctor that i saw the following day at the Menlo Clinic.
very comforting, caring and understanding and very thorough with details. I thank them both.
Dr. Jones was AMAZING! Above and beyond a regular doctor. Wish she could be my primary care doctor!
Loved the Dr. sorry I have forgotten her name, but she was just great. wish I had her as my primary care physician.
The physician was great. She listened to my concerns and was very thorough. I have been a nurse for over 40 years (21 @ Stanford) and I was proud to see how smooth it was to transition through our "Urgent Care" dept. I know how frustrating it is to have a sched appointment w/your MD and then sometimes have to wait 45 min or more to be seen, and this was superb.
I was extremely pleased with the care I received from Dr. Jones.
outstanding doctor !!!!
Dr. Jones was fantastic, very thorough and explained things right away with clear terms and even followed up by calling a few days later. I would absolutely recommend her to others
One of the most caring, down to earth physicians I have every known!
Dr Jones was amazing! She made all the necessary steps to resolve my condition and even followed up by phone a couple of times! I would definitely recommend her to others.
Dr Jones was my primary care provider before leaving family practice, and going to express. care. she has always showed great respect for me as a patient. she has never rushed through my check ups. always asked if I had any questions regarding my health, or any personal matters. If I could have Dr Jones as my primary care provider again, I would. since she left, I have yet to establish a new Primary Care Provider. Not sure if I will find someone as good as her. I surely hope someday she will return soon.
Dr. Evaleen Jones provides exceptional delivery of care. She is personable and attentive to your needs. Because I am 17 weeks pregnant she was open to suggesting alternative care to treat my back pain after my car accident. She spends a good amount of time with you and makes sure she answers all the concerns you have. I had seen her in the past back in Palo Alto and I did not hesitate to see her again at this location. I have never been disappointed with her quality of care.
Dr Jones was outstanding,knowledgeable and efficient. Very compassionate as well. I only wish I had her for my Primary Care physician rather than the very lax inefficient one that I have. I am thinking of leaving my current physician. It has gotten really bad !
excellent experience with the Dr.
Evaleen Jones was truly exceptional. Best experience with a health professional, probably ever.
Dr. Jones spoke very quickly and seemed rushed although there were no other patients and I was seen ahead of schedule. She did not provide good eye contact - Instead looking at the computer. I was not able to answer questions from the pharmacist b/c the dr. was so rushed w/the description of medications and why.
ocondescending, dismissive attitude
Appreciated the sincere, open discussion and useful suggestion and recommendation.
Dr. Jones gave excellent care to me.
it was the first time I actually felt like a Dr was not rushing me out of the office.
Outstanding! Cannot say enough good things about this experience. Dr. Jones suggested one treatment protocol that made a real difference.
Absolutely incredible, empathetic doctor. One of my best doctor's visits yet!
excellent doctor, really practical and she did not hold back on treatment to fix my problem
Dr. Jones was great. My visit was mainly to resolve paperwork for Matrix regarding a LOA from my job due to illness. Since I had the forms required printed out in advance, she took the paperwork and immediately began to fill it out. After a few minutes she completed the forms, so she checked over the documents again to ensure that nothing was missed before signing the documents. Dr. Jones completely resolved every problem I needed to get her help with.
The doctor did suggest doing an x-ray, which I thought was unnecessary. I don't think doctor's should be suggesting unnecessary tests (indeed, the monitor in the waiting room counseled that many x-rays are not useful, and they shouldn't be ordered just for the sake of having one!). I did decline getting an x-ray.
test results were posted within hours and my doctor called to inform me almost immediately. i've never had such a responsive doctor--wow!
will come again if needed
I liked her. She was good and straight to the point but nice at the same time.
Overall this was an easy and good experience. The doctor was not sure what was causing the problem that I came in for, but was attentive and had some good next steps.
Dr. Jones is great. I am sad to hear she is leaving the practice. She spent plenty of time listening and discussing my health.
Dr. Jones is very good & I trust her so much! -
Dr. Jones is an exceptional Family Care Physician like no other in the clinic. She's brilliant!
This was the first time that Dr. Jones was not in a hurry to go see her next patient. There was a visit where she told me to hurry up while I was explaining my condition because her next patient was waiting.
I am very lucky to have Dr. Jones as my primary care doctor, she is first class!
Provider seemed very rushed I was in & out of the exam room several times. Our conversations were disjointed seems like more time should be allowed for annual visits. Need adequate time discuss referrals, tests to be ordered, meds, etc.
I wish appointments could be 30 minutes instead of 20 so there's enough time to really talk.
Dr. Jones is the best! She is personable, knowledgeable, and professional. She is attentive and kind as well.
The dr. was very nice and knowledgeable, but this is the second time when I've had a same-day appt where I she ran late; also I felt like I had to slow her down a bit and explain things more clearly given the number of meds she wanted me to take.
Dr. Jones is at Stanford more than 20 yrs!!
Dr Jones is the best and most amazing doctor! She is so caring, knowledgeable and I have had her as my PCP for over 15 years and would not change that for any other doctor.
I have recommended dr Jones to others friends and family I rave about her
Dr. Evaleen Jones care for me like I'm her own family. Perfect person for the position (Doctor)!!!
Dr. Jones is highly exceptional in family medicine and provides excellent medical care. I am very lucky to have Dr. Jones for my primary care physician.
Doctor was really good. And addressed all my problems with lot of care.
Dr Evaleen Jones provides whole person care in a thorough and competent manner. Highly recommended
She is the greatest doc ever.
Excellent facility. Courteous staff. My primary care listens carefully and offers alternative treatment options. She frequently revisits old ailments to make sure problem no longer exists. I often joke that my symptoms seem to disappear and I feel better on entering the clinic.
Dr. Jones was very concerned about my health.
She was rushed, didn't look me in the eye, couldn't even remember that she had seen me in the past. She told me to see someone else because she's too busy. #8. Very little. #10. Never.
Dr. Jones was quite generous in time spent. Much to discuss given recent medical history.
I would not trust my healthcare in the hands of anyone other than Dr. Jones. She is fabulous!!
When I asked Dr. Jones if I needed the rabies vaccine, she replied "it's up to you" without any explanation. Rude. She also did not call in all the medicines she said she would. 1 month later, I'm still trying to get a typhoid vaccine prescription.
She is exceptional.
Evaleen Jones is an absolutely fabulous doctor! She is so knowledgeable, energetic and informative. A true leader among MDs.
The provider used the tools & knowledge to ensure my needs were met.
Dr. Jones is excellent!
Dr. Jones barely listened to my answers to her questions. She did not respect my request that a student not attend my visit.
Dr. Jones is very understanding & listens to your problem. She is a good dr.! -
Dr. Jones is the best dr. I ever have!

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