Deirdre A Lum

Deirdre A Lum

Minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon

Clinical Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Professional Summary

Education & Certifications
  • Residency: University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine (2011) CA
  • Medical Education: University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine (2007) CA
  • Board Certification: American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology (2014)
  • Fellowship: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (2013) PA
  • BA, Dartmouth College, NH (2002)

Honors & Awards
  • AAGL Special Resident in Minimally Invasive Gynecology, American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) (June 2010)
  • Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, University of California, San Francisco (May 2007)
  • Best Video in the Category of Education, American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) (November 2012)
  • Carlo Romanini Award for the Best Video in the Category of Endometriosis, American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) (November 2013)
  • First prize in Bay Area Resident Research, San Francisco Gynecological Society (June 2011)
  • First Prize Video Award at ACOG 2013 Annual Clinical Meeting Film Festival, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) (May 2013)
  • Kurt Semm award for the Best Video in the Category of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Surgeries, American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) (November 2013)
  • Medical Residents Excellence Award, North American Menopause Society (October 2009)
  • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, Dartmouth College (June 2002)
  • Rufus Choate Scholar, Dartmouth College (June 2002)
  • Winner of UCSF Creative Writing Contest, University of California, San Francisco, Academic Diversity Program (June 2010)

  • Member, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) (2007 - Present)
  • Member, American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) (2010 - Present)
  • Peer Reviewer, Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology (2011 - Present)

Administrative Appointments
  • Director, Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, Stanford University (2015 - Present)


Specializing In

Practice Locations

Fibroid Center Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

900 Blake Wilbur Drive, 2nd Floor

Palo Alto , CA 94304

(650) 497-9691

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Gynecology Clinic in Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto, CA

900 Blake Wilbur Drive, 2nd Floor

Palo Alto , CA 94304

(650) 725-6079

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Patient Reviews

(182 reviews)

She’s great! She showed me visuals related to our conversation, and also followed up on topics from your last visit that I wasn’t even thinking about. I felt like it was a very productive appointment.
Professional, kind, listens well, understands holistic care, and gives wise advice.
Dr. Deidre Lum is another level doctor! Just incredibly talented
Excellent service
Dr. Lum is so kind and makes me feel very comfortable.
Dr. Lum has been the most caring gynecologist I have ever had. She is excellent!
Very knowledgeable and listen well to hee patients
Dr. Lum is a great, caring, supportive, on-top-of-it doctor! I feel seen and heard during our visits.
Excellent provider
She’s excellent!
Dr Lum is professional but very caring, realistic but empathic, informative and kind. She takes time to ask how me about myself, begins each visit asking if I have have questions or concerns before starting her discussion, allowing for me to somewhat guide the initial discussion. Dr Lum has addressed my concerns thoroughly and has explained all aspects of my health issues completely. I have trust in her medical expertise, comfortable asking her any additional questions via app message, and confident in the care I have been given.
Dr. Lum is the best doctor
Dr. Lum took the time to answer all of my questions. She provided details and offered different options on how to address my health issue.
I really appreciate that Dr. Lum was able to fit me into her schedule so quickly, within the same week that I emailed about an issue.
Dr Lum is a wonderful doctor. She is on top of her treatment and my health. She gave me all the options available and described pros and cons for each treatment. After searching for years for a treatment for my disease, I found Dr Lum who could help with with my Pain and managing the disease
She's very very thorough and takes the time to explain everything. She even drew things out for me. I appreciate the time and care she took.
Dr. Lum was very helpful and answered my questions thoroughly. Very knowledgeable and personable as well.
Good, thorough and reasonable. Thanks for making me feel that I am being heard and that my care is important to you and your team
She really listens and offers options
Greatful for Dr. Lum
Dr Lum is a thoughtful and thorough physician. She has improved my quality of life and ended my pain an suffering.
Dr Mum was thorough and spent a lot of time explaining each treatment option in a way I could understand.
Dr. Deirdre Lum really listened to my concerns and was able to come up with a good action plan.
She is caring and explained every step of her plan of action.
Dr. Lum took the time to answer all of my questions. She provided details and offered different options on how to address my health issue.
Excellent care. Very thorough and communicate effectively with empathy and compassion.
Dr Deirdre Lum is an excellent communicator to her patient. This is the second video visit I have had with her, and each time she is not only professional, clear in communicating her thoughts, but also has a lovely demeanor that can put a patient at ease. She is very careful to explain everything, review tests, films, comments from other physicians who have interpreted test results, and takes time to explain and to answer fully my questions. I feel I can ask any questions relating to my medical issues and raise my concerns and Dr Lum will respond with a thorough, thoughtful answer.
She is very polite and thorough
Dr. Lum was friendly, thorough, and clear. I appreciated her taking the time to talk through everything with me and I feel like I understand my options much better now. Thanks Dr. Lum!
Thank you for all of your help, professionalism, patience and an exceptional care. You are talented and I am glad I was able to be a patient of yours.
Dr Lum is sensitive, kind and understanding. I am happy to be a patient of hers. Thank you.
OH I already wrote a book previously... so SHE FANTASTIC> I am so glad to have her in my team of doctors. The most thorough, kind and compassionate doctor. She's able to piece things together look at other MD input and she's doing more than regular MDs b/c she actually coordinating and looking deeper into my complex health issues. She' great, I felt confident with her plan, she really listens and thought things out with me.
Clear, demonstrated care
Doctor Lum is one of the best doctors I have interacted with. She is knowledgeable, caring, efficient and is proactive in finding a great solution.
One of the best, most caring doctors appointments I’ve ever had. Dr. Lum and Dr. McCracken were outstanding.
I enjoy that my appointments with Dr. Lum are 30 minutes long vs. 15 minutes because it allows more to be discussed fully and comprehensively. Dr. Lum is very comprehensive and covers all the things I need to know and am concerned about.
She's great. Seems very knowledgable, honest and thorough.
Dr Lum and her resident were amazing! I can't recommend them enough. So compassionate, knowledgable, patient. I had seem many providers related to my condition, they were simply the best. ,
Dr Lum is amazing. I feel safe and well supported under her care. She understands my concerns and guides me based on my needs while notifying me about the latest technology improvements of treatments.
Dr. Lum is very knowledgeable and is great at giving me all my available options.
Shes an amazing doctor I can't wait to have surgery from her
She is very personable and knowledgeable. I feel like my health care is in good hands.
Very personable and thorough in explanation.
Deirdre Lum is very good and kind to me.
She was very informative and attentive. She was thorough and I can tell she cares.
She's great and fantastic and a wonderful MD. Very compassionate and thorough and does not give up
Both Doctors were very caring and attentive to my health care needs.
Dr. Deidre Lum is one of the best doctors I've ever had. She is kind, compassionate and caring as well as thoughtful and patient,
Dr. Lum listened to my concerns and explanations of the problems I have been experiencing with patience and care. She carefully laid out what the next steps can be and the choices I might have regarding my treatment. Dr. Lum made me feel cared for not only towards the medical reason that led me to make an appointment to see her, but also towards other health related issues that came up during the consultation. I highly recommend Dr. Lum.
She's just so patient and understanding with me. I really appreciate how much time she takes to try to help me through my struggles.
Dr. Lum spent a good amount of time with me and answered my questions to my satisfaction.
She’s a good provider /doctor she explains and tells you what can you do
Dr. Lum is very caring and knowledgeable.
Please see prior note. Dr. Lum is one of the best health care providers in the industry and Stanford is extremely lucky to have her.
Dr. Lum is so compassionate, collaborative, and conscientious. She had no other agenda other than to help me make a difficult decision. Her guidance was the most helpful I've received so far. I wish all my doctors could be like her, and will happily recommend her to others.
Dr. Lum is an excellent Dr! Very thorough too!
Dr. Lum is very professional and informational. Very caring and answered all questions need. Would highly recommend Dr. Lum.
Heard great things about her and all were true. I’m very happy that I finally found a doctor who can help me with endometriosis. This is the first doctor visit where I felt hopefully about managing my chronic illness.
I will continue my health care with you guys... you made me feel heard, validated in having all this pain and helped figure things out with me AND followed up!
Dr Lum is extraordinarily responsive to the issue at hand and generous with her time and attention. She also seems to be very a very capable physician.
Very helpful!
Dr Lum is wonderful. So knowledgeable, talented and caring. I adore her and feel so lucky to have her as my doctor. She is a gem.
Amazing doctor! She definatley cares for her patients health and is an active listener. She provides you with options as well as will explain and options/medications so you are clear on everything.
Dr. Lum was very prompt, spent the full amount of time understating my situation and answering my questions and making suggestions and giving advice I was seeking and sent all the notes right away as a follow up to me. She is very knowledgeable and caring and I feel lucky to have her as my GYN.
Dr Lum is kind, understanding and empathic. Despite my continued degrading health, she was able to offer some insight.
Dr. Lum is AWESOME! Just a wonderful, intelligent, and over-all great doctor. Would recommend her to anyone and so grateful she was my surgeon.
Dr. Lum is always professional and knowledgeable and listens well. I appreciate her expertise and insight. She has great "bedside manners."
Dr.Lum is an amazing physician and surgeon.
I would recommend Dr. Lum to every woman because she is so caring and kind. She makes you feel welcomed and she is patient with you. I wish there was more like her.
She was excellent - empathetic and thorough
Dr. Lum was so communicative on video, beyond any provider I've had a video visit within this last year. She was friendly, warm, very compassionate, and knowledgeable. She truly provided me patient centered care, never interrupted me or minimized anything I said. I'm so grateful to have her as a provider and appreciate the option for video visits.
This was one of the best Dr visits I've had. Dr Lum and her resident, Dr Hall, were both incredibly thorough and informative. They went over my history, symptoms, and concerns in detail. They made sure to provide me with options for next steps/treatment and allowed me to provide input on which treatments/steps I would like. I spent close to an hour with the providers, and they also expressed that they believed me and wanted to reach a diagnosis and effective treatment plan.
Meeting with m y doctor was an awesome experience. Not only were they compassionate about my case, but they also utilized my pronouns correctly, which made me feel safe in their care and increased my trust in them.
Dr. Lum is responsive, caring, thorough, thoughtful, informed and reassuring when need. I feel really confident that she is on my side & that I am getting really good care. Thank you immensely, Dr. Lum for all you do!!
love dr Lum! she's smart, sharp an genuinely cares.
they explain clearly what happen to me eg.the reason of my pain and how to solve the pain in my body.
Dr.Lum is so nice and I really appreciated her taking care of me. She really went above and beyond to give me the best care. She is so caring and respectful. My mom met her and called her an angel, because she really cares for patients.
During the Covid crisis, Dr. Lum was very sympathetic to addressing some painful issues. It is not a good time to ask or get an appointment, but Dr. Lum squeezed me in to her already packed schedule. She is the best OBGYN I have ever had in all the countries I have lived combined. She is always patient, caring and never in a hurry which is hard to believe considering the calibre and demand for Dr. Lum.
I've already recommended people to Dr.Lum she's amazing.
Dr. Lum was outstanding - I felt believed and in control of my care, and she really explained everything from the exam I received to the next steps for treatment.
Dr. Lum is absolutely amazing. She is extremely responsive to myhealth messages and concerns and really care a lot about her patients. I look forward to being followed by her in the future. One of the best and most caring doctors that I have ever seen.
Dr. Lum is an excellent Provider. She is very thorough in explaining things and has great bedside manners. There is not one bad thing I can say about Dr. Lum. You can tell she has a big heart and passion for her profession. She is a Godsend!
Dr. Lum is one of the most caring, competent, kind, thoughtful, friendly, efficient & yet thorough physicians I have ever met. Highly recommend her without qualification.
already have recommended 3 friends. she was absolutely amazing!
I wish Stanford has more doctors like Dr. Lum. If I got an early appointment with Dr. Lum. I should have done fibroid (UFE) surgery early and won't suffer for many months.
I feel very fortunate to have Dr Lum as my doctor. she is knowledgeable, compassionate and very engaged in her patient's care
Dr. Lum had solved all my concerns. She is very knowledgeable in her field. Great to have her @ OBGYN.
Dr. Lum spent a lot of time trying to figure out my condition. I feel very confident with her practice.
She was good in the problems I had and made sure to take care of it.
Very good Experience.
Dr. Lum is the best GYN doctor I have ever had. She is very caring and explains the situation thoroughly. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Lum is one of the most caring doctor. She is friendly and sincere. I true appreciate her professionalism and personal touch.
Dr. Lum is an excellent physician, but I go there for suggestions. My only suggestion would be that she lead the conversation about next steps instead of letting me lead it. I want to weigh in on my next steps, but not come up with them.
Blown away by my doctor! She was able to bring in a colleague MD who would actually be my surgeon of my issue recurs. Very grateful to both for making the time!
My experience with Dr. Lum was exceptional all questions were answered, a care plan that I also agreed with was planned for me, and she made me feel comfortable.
Dr. Lum = AWESOME!!
excellent Dr. very involved and addressed all isssues and answered all questions .
If there were a rating higher than 5 I would give it. My doctor and her entire team are exceptionally skilled and caring.
I have already recommended the clinic and care provider to others.
She took her time and I left with a treatment plan. awesome!
Outstanding doctor. One of the best I've had at Stanford
Dr. Lum is an excellent doctor that is very professional and takes the time to answer all of your questions; she's wonderful!
Great explanation of what she thought was going on, used her 4th year resident thoughts on what we discussed to recommend a few plan options for me. They used data to explain the decision options and then digitally shared the resources. I then made an informed decision with my family member present and we moved forward into next steps as a team.
Dr. Lum is just fantastic.
Dr. Lum did things for me I never thought possible. She listened and believed me. No other dr. has done that for me before.
Dr Lum was great. She spent a lot of time with me and thoughtfully answered all of my questions.
Outstanding physician - caring, compassionate, and competent.
Never felt rushed - Dr. Lum answered all questions - Awesome doctor!
Dr. Lum is very professional. I had many questions and she took her time to answer them all.
I was so happy with the gentleness and kindness that Dr. Lum showed me. This was my first visit with her and I explained how nervous and afraid I was to have the procedure I was there for. She was incredible!
After seeing a number of specialists she was the best. Thorough, kind, great listener & very knowledgeable.
Dr. Lum is one of the best-- she is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and caring. Really appreciate her help and time.
Dr. Lum gave me the best professional and human care I would have wished for. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and cared for.
Dr. Deidre Lum is excellent! She is very knowledgable and caring. She makes great notes. I would heartily suggest her to anyone!
Dr. Lum and her staff are fantastic! I was there seeking a second opinion and she completely put my mind at ease.
Dr. Lum was recommended to me. She is excellent.
Dr. Lum is very courteous, professional, and trust-worthy. She explained everything about the procedure. She showed a lot of respect and care.
excellent. best care I have ever received!
Very friendly.
Dr Lum is always wonderful! she is professional and takes the time to discuss everything in detail. She is always focused on answering all questions and does not rush the visit.
Excellent physician exhibiting sound medical knowledge, compassionate and caring.
Thank you for all your great help!
Dr. Lum was very kind, friendly and informative. She listened and explained well and answered all my questions.
Dr. Lum has always been very helpful to me. Takes her time to answer any of my questions or concerns. Gives me choices with pro's and cons to each treatment available.
Dr. Lum was the best doctor. I wouldn't of wanted any other doctor. Thank you. I feel so much better.
I have the utmost confidence in my doctors
I felt the doctor really took time to talk with me and lay out all of my options.
I will definitely recommend Stanford.
Dr. Lum was excellent as always!
She is friendly, caring & concerned, that I can relate to her about what's bothering me concerning my health issues. Her advice about my medications helps me a lot. Scheduled a follow up care & check up as soon as needed. I absolutely trust her & will recommend her to others. She's very good, yet very accommodating.
Dr. Lum was great! She is obviously very knowledgeable and caring, and did a great job of explaining what was going on and providing scientific evidence.
First visit to Dr. Lum. Very impressed with her!
Dr. Lum is awesome! Her resident (who is leaving) is outstanding as well.
DR. LUM was AMAZING! I was blown away with the care of DR. Lum. She truly listened to my concerns. I was stunned at the time she spent with me. I have absolute confidence in her and will only go to her at Stanford in the future. She made me a patient for life. It's worth the 3 1/2 hr. drive!
My experience is good understand. Thanks.
I have all my trust and confidence with my present care providers. She is very understanding, and take time to explain and answer all my questions. A very compassionate, and focused on me every time she is with me.
Dr. Lum is spectacular.
Dr. Lum was amazing, caring and took the time to listen to my problems. I'll continue going back to Stanford Health Care because of her.
Dr. Lum is absolutely fabulous and I would gladly recommend her to anyone. I could not speak more highly about the experience that I have had with her.
like I said before Dr. Lum is an amazing doctor and am very happy to have het
She listened to me and gave me thought out answers to my questions. Didn't rush to send me away
Deidre Lum is a Care Provider who truly cares.
Dr. Lum is excellent. Very knowledgeable, very caring. She also takes the time to write up detailed notes, which I appreciate, though didn't get a chance to get the printout b/c I had to run off to my late mammogram.
Dr Lum is an outstanding doctor.
Dr. Lum is an outstanding doctor/surgeon. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't even consider having a surgery and be as healthy as I am today. She is smart, knowledgeable, kind and caring; she is the best!
Dr. Lum was very knowledgeable, kind, and provided very good information on my situation.
Dr. Lum is a very gifted individual. She knows how to trouble shoot the circumstances - for example she takes an active approach - ruling out and researching the best methods and mostly she is a compassionate person. I have been seen by many physicians and I can truly say that she demonstrates that she cares and values the patient. She sees me as a person who is in need of medical attention. She is a gift from God.
Dr. Lum is the best of the best. Professional, personable, super smart, committed to my health and healing, and never patronizing. Really a class act!
I was impressed with Dr. Lum and how thorough she was and her willingness to take the time to explain everything and answer my questions.
md was great-personal, professional, kind. I only wish I had post procedure care information. maybe she told me-but I missed it...I saw her typing and thought she typed after care instructions, but I didn't get anything.
She is excellent! Very nice, friendly, listens very well to my concern. Thank you so much Dr. Lum! God bless you!
The thing that I appreciate most about Dr. Lum is that she speaks at your level so that you can completely understand what is happening with your medical situation. She is also very informative in terms of providing information about the process that I wouldn't think to ask.
dr lum was the best doctor I've ever seen
Dr. Deidre Lum was exceptional helpful, kind and understanding. She took the time to understand the concern I have regarding my problem and possible surgery.
Dr. Lum was positively incredible. She spent a great deal of time with me, helping me to understand things about my situation that I might never have investigated on my own, and empowered me to make the best decision for me. She's obviously incredibly smart, but she's also kind, patient, and balanced. Best of the best.
Dr Lum is outstanding.
Dr. Lum was the only doctor who took the step to get me a hematology referral.
Dr. Lum is an excellent caregiver. She took time to answer all my questions. She is very thorough and had a wonderful rapport with her patients. She is a great asset for your organization.
I think Stanford out-patient care is wonderful!
I think Stanford is the top of the line including their doctors. You can't receive this type of awesome care in Fresno.
Dr. Lum is very caring and effective doctor. My highest grades to her.
Dr. Deirdre (as I call her) is an outstanding physician. She gave me ample time, which included a thorough examination. I feel that with her help I will come to the end of a three plus year medical nightmare.
Dr. Lum is very professional, knowledgeable and gentle. She made me feel comfortable during my biopsy and answered all of my questions. Dr. Lum is the best!
Yes I do recommend the service is very good.
Dr. Lum, is a wonderful doctor, very kind and understood all my concerns and fears. My operation went wonderful. She put me at ease and I trusted her 100%. I thank her for making my experience an easy one.
Dr. Lum is the best. she needs to be broadcast to the gen'l public for the work she is doing. She is invaluable. I have such a better quality of life with the healing she's done with me. She's priceless. I'll testify to this anytime. I'm so lucky!!
First time with Dr. Lum, felt very good with her and calm. I really liked Dr. Lum.
Dr. Lum is an excellent physician.
loved Dr. Lum!
I had a great experience with the senior resident who was working with Dr Lum.
Dr. Lum is simply an excellent physician who is caring, considerate, and highly respectful. She explains everything thoroughly and takes time to listen to me. I completely trust the excellent care I get from her.
Doctor Lum is the best OB/GYN doctor I've EVER had. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, respectful, and very easy to talk to.
Dr. Lum is great! She's thoughtful, considerate, and really know her stuff!
I would highly recommend Dr. Lum to my friends. She gave me various options & provided detailed information.
Dr. Lum went above & beyond to get my surgery scheduled before the new year.
I was very impressed with Dr. Lum and and her open, relaxed communication. She answered my questions and explained her recommendations very clearly
I always felt somewhat uncomfortable with my OB/GYN doctors previously. Dr. Lum makes me feel comfortable to discuss issues I'm thinking to switch my regular visits to Dr. Lum.
Dr. Lum is very compassionate and genuinely cares for her patients. This attentive level of care is evident through her excellent bedside manner in ensuring patients are as comfortable as possible. She takes the time to thoroughly explain medical conditions complete with hand drawn diagrams. Each time she sees me, she is able to accurately and concisely summarize my medical history. She listens to my concerns and understands where I am coming from and she doesn't ever judge. She took the time to personally call me just to see how I was doing. Overall, I couldn't be more impressed with her patient care and I trust her completely.
New patient - needed appt for mammogram and was given one for that same day.
She was great!
I can see how passionate the physician is and I will keep seeing her in the future.

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