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  • Residency: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, 2012
  • Medical Education: Stanford University, 2008
  • Fellowship: Stanford University Retina and Vitreous Fellowship, 2014
  • Internship: University of California Irvine, 2009

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excellent Dr Siva was clear supportive and calming for the eye injection and very knowledgable.
Dr. Silva is a very compassionate doctor. I have been seeing Dr. Silva for over a year now with my eye condition. He is a very caring doctor.
This was my second appt (annual) with Dr. Silva and both times he was very through, attentive, effective and efficient. He covered most of my areas of concern and or where I had questions prior to me even asking about them. He was direct and provided follow on recommendations. He is a high quality value add provider, as well as, seems to be a great overall person.
Dr. Silva and his team are very knowledgeable, respectful, kind, explain things well and are caring. I'm sure my condition would have bothered me much more without the trust their care has instilled in me.
feel confident about Silva competence
great experience with everyone
Dr. Silva was efficient and informative. I hadn't seen an ophthalmologist in 10 years, and he explained my examination very well.
Dr. Silva is a very patient and caring Physician. He is very concerned about my eye problems that I have. Great doctor and would recommend him to any of my friends and family
I trust Dr Silva
Very good experience.
Dr. Silva, is a great doctor, I have been dealing with my eye problems for over a year now getting eye injections on monthly bases. He explains everything and is a caring doctor.
This was the first time I saw Dr. Silva and I was very impressed by his knowledge and his humility. He took his time to answer all my questions and he was very easy to talk to.
Always received past treatment, current plan and future expectations.
Dr. Silva is the best possible; an exemplary doctor in every way. I am so lucky to have him as my retina doctor.
I am thankful for Dr. Silva. His care and explanation of my eye condition is very much appreciated.
Very good.
I like the way that Dr. Silva has out layed my treatment plan. He treats very aggressively which is great.
Very descriptive and helpful in answering questions
I love that Dr. Sylvia had a scribe in the room so that he could give me his full attention and dictate his findings to the scribe/assistant.
I really appreciated how they got me in for additional screening on my initial visit and then combined the next visit to include 2 screenings. Very considerate of my time.
I have confidence in Dr. Ruwan Silva.
Dr Silva was wonderful. He took the time to completely explain my disease and answer all my questions. I am thankful to have him as my doctor.
I'm very glad I saw this doctor. He's very professional, knowledgable and friendly.
Dr. Silva is terrific -- an outstanding eye doctor. He is quite knowledgeable and explains issues to me so that I could understand and not worry.
Felt like the doctor knew exactly what the problem was, explained things very well in a way that was simple to understand. My first impression was that this was a very skillfull and talented doctor.
Dr Silva has a nice manner and a pleasant sense of humor.
Dr. Silva seemed to be under pressure to get this visit done. There was a scribe and he went right for the eyes and slit lamp exam. Wham bam exam done. I meant to ask several things but did not have time to do that. Out I went after only a few minutes. I did have a wonderful technician who did measurements of my eye and put the drops in. I don't remember her name but she was very capable and vey professional, yet concerned and listened, gave me time to ask and answer information.
Dr. Silva in a 1st class physician who has been instrumental in improving the sight in my right eye following a stroke in the eye -
no problems or concerns, everyone did their part.
Dr. Silva inspires confidence in me. With his care and a little luck, my eye may regain all its sight.
Dr. Silva is very professional. He checked my condition carefully. I would highly recommend him to other people!
Dr. Sliva is a very caring doctor, he is always patient with me. As getting eye injections is not my favorite thing. The one thing that he said just recently at my visit was that this was the first time that my left eye looked good.
The principal goal in this exam was a retinal scan. I have diabetes and do not wish to go blind! The physician's assistant who did the preliminary test for glaucoma etc. and who did the scan was very professional and Dr. Silva was excellent.
I appreciate that Dr. Silva didn't "write-off" an issue I experienced between visits with my eyes and referred me to a neuro opthamalogist. He did not make me feel worried about it but wanted to ensure a thorough investigation of what I experienced.
Dr Silvia is very competent and I trust his judgement
Thank you Dr Silva and every bodies
Very caring and professional doctor. Very happy with the overall experience
Dr. Silva is an amazing doctor. he has taken very good care of me and my eyesight.
Dr Silva is one of the best doctors I have ever seen in 10 years of me being a patient at Stanford
Dr. Silva is the best! He does everything right and communicates very well.
Very experienced and competent.
dr Ruwan is fantastic
Dr. Silvia is a caring, knowledgeable, and professional physician. Great experience at his clinic. Highly recommend him.
Wonderful doctor!
All of the acted in very professional way and friendly.
If only every doctor was like Dr. Silva
I felt there's a (rush) when I was seen, I forgot to ask my oher question
Dr. Silva is fabulous--explains everything clearly while taking his time even though he is very busy--.always in an "upbeat" mood!!
Dr. Silva was very professional, pleasant and efficient. He summarized his findings clearly, and indicated yearly followup with my primary ophthalmologist was prudent and would be all that was necessary at this time. He was courteous and clearly highly proficient in his specialty. I would have no reservations in having him treat me in the future if my situation changed.
Keep up the good work.
Physician seemed rushed. I had more questions, but he was in a hurry to leave. He didn't spend much time with me to answer questions, only to do exam. Visit felt rushed. Follow up instructions were not clear to me. He told me what to if I had increased symptoms, but not that he wanted to see me in follow up.
The staff in the Opthalmology Center was welcoming, polite, professional and knowledgeable. I was disappointed in Dr. Silva. The man is robotic. He gave me an opportunity to ask questions but did not listen to what they were. I felt he was in a rush. He made me uncomfortable. I felt like I should apologize for taking up his time. I am a RN who has worked with literally hundreds of doctors. I was a clinic manager for over 20 years. Part of my job was to instruct new residents on how to make a patient feel comfortable and respected. I will continue to use Stanford Medical and see the specialist Dr. Silva recommended I see. But for general ophthalmology I will see another physician. I hope this will be helpful to Dr. Silva. My guess is he probably is a skilled doctor who needs to polish his communication skills.
Dr Silva is fantastic :)
excellent care provider, so professional .
Excellent in all respects.
Could hardly have been in more of a hurry. In and out. Gave information. Answered questions. Clearly under pressure to keep rolling.
The doctor showed good bedside manner, took the time to read the history of my visits to the clinic, asked questions for clarification and performed the examination. I don't know if the fact that he was a retina specialist made any difference in the exam that he performed.
I appreciate the effort staff & Dr. Silva put forth when I came to the clinic.
I (we) have MANY care providers. All are generally trustworthy, but some are just "better' in terms of our feeling that they are the best possible, than others.
Dr. Silva is "tops!!"
Knowledgeable, competent, in A RUSH. No time for questions. Spent maybe 5-7 minutes with me.
Dr. Silva is an extraordinary physician expertise wise and has stupendous interpersonal skills. As the author of "The Communication Problem Solver" (AMACOM NY), I'm very attuned to people's communication. Dr. Silva is an outstanding communicator, and always careful to show dignity and respect.
This was my first visit with Dr. Silva. Dr. Silva explained everything and how he was going to treat my eyes. Very good doctor. As when Dr. Karth left I was not given a choice who I was going to see. But now I have Dr. Sliva and I am very pleased with my new doctor.
I love my doctor.
Verey gd. Thank you
This is the second time Dr. Silva took care of me; the initial time was in July. He is always extremely competent, communicative, thoughtful about pain and discomfort, and always working to educate me about my problem. I would recommend him to everyone that has a retinal/vitreous issue - and frankly any eye problem. He's a rock star.
I really like Dr Silva and believe he is very concerned/responsive to my situation. I am concerned about the eye drops as I'm having a bit of an adverse side effect. I did email him and he did respond right away about how to take the drops. I forgot to ask about the side effect's kind of on me.
Great care, great communication, great patient interaction. Very efficient and focused. Good use of my time. in and out in less than 1 hr. including 20 minute wait post tech testing for room to open up so Dr could see me. Overall Great patient care/experience.
Dr. Silva is exceptional medically & as a communicator. As the author of "The Communication Problem Solver" (NYNY) I am very aware of communication styles. Dr. Silva is an outstanding communicator. Dr. Silva is an amazing medical practitioner! Leading edge knowledge & skills.
Dr. Silva was very good. He gave me the most thorough eye exam I have ever had and explained what he was doing every step of the way. He answered all of my questions in a professional but friendly manner and thoroughly explained procedures I should consider and necessary follow-up care. I feel very confident that I could not have gotten any better care any place else.
Dr Silva is "tops"- very warm, bright and just plain nice!! Great MD
Dr. Silva is the best doctor ever. He is very knowledgeable, has excellent bedside manner and very talented. His injection technique is superb. No pain felt at all. My mother is very happy to have Dr. Silva as her doctor.
Great doctor.
couldn't be more pleased with Dr Ruwan Dilva and staff
Dr. Silva is an exceptional physician. not only is he extremely competent medically, but he is a superb communicator. he is specific in his explanations and sets clear expectations. he develops a partnership with his patients. I felt I was in the best possible hands for my procedures! thank you, Dr. Silva!
The doctor went as far as to draw pictures for me. Very insightful
Dr. Singh is very intelligent and understands my medical problem very nicely
De Silva is great, explains everything. I have full confidence in him
Dr. Silva is fabulous ! I would highly recommend him to everyone.
The experience was very good and understood your explanations well.
Dr. Silva was great, very attentive and caring, much better experience than my last visits in 2011.
The treatment of Dr. Silva, I must say, was very kind ? on my request he thoroughly explained all procedures and the difficult terminologies, so I new the treatment.
excellent experience with both the MA and the MD.
Dr. Silva exhibited genuine concern to my problem. He listened attentively and responded with clarity. I felt comfortable with him and the results of my visit.
Silva is awesome!!!
Excellent followup care.
I greatly appreciate his care and attention to my eye and professionalisms. Always courteous & friendly. Made sure he was available if I had a problem with my eye.
Very patient and courteous doctor.
Dr. Silva is excellent; he clearly and thoroughly explained the test results (showed the pictures) in regards to what was occurring with my eye,what needed to be done and the long term expectations. He acknowledged my complex health history and allergies in managing my care. He is a very personable and a warm caregiver.
Dr. Silva was exceptional. I had come in for a general eye exam but told him that my main concern was Graves Eye Disease, and I showed him a stack of lab results. He did the Graves exam and told me everything I needed to know.
Dr Silva is fantastic
It was truly a great experience! Thank you!
Excellent care Dr. Silva is extremely professional and considerate!
Dr. Silva has a wonderful manner with patients. I am delighted with his services.
I have the highest regard for Dr. Silva. He has a wonderful manner with patients, and he is a very competent physician. My surgery went amazingly well, and I am delighted with my outcome.
Dr. Silva is great
You have a team of personnel very excellent.
I like that they speak to me in my language.
I admire them all who gave their assistant and care for they are good.
Excellent and cheerful!
Dr. Ruwan Silva is by far the best Doctor I have seen in the Stanford Clinics. He is compassionate and very serious in what he does, going above and beyond. I would recommend him to other patients 100%. Onhis team, I have had also excellent experiences with the nurses/assistants,such as Vera and
Dr. Silva went above and beyond in that he called me at home on a Sunday to explain that he had an emergency scheduled for the Monday morning and personally rearranged my appointment. Very kind, and caring physician
Very good experience.
Everyone was extremely kind and helpful
Good experience.
Dr. Silva is just great. I am lucky he was the provider.
Dr. Silva went above and beyond the call of duty and literally did everything possible to produce the best outcome. Further, the results have been very good thanks to his extraordinary efforts and genuine caring.
He seems knowledgeable, I don't feel he was friendly.
would not say it was a bad experience, just wish i had some more time with him. he was extremely busy, which i understand. but still wish i could have a few more minutes.
Very good.
Top notch staff.
My ophthalmologist had made me very afraid about my eye and Dr. Silva was very thorough and eased some of my fears... Turned out my ophthalmologist was wrong!
Dr. Silva was very good. Getting a high priority appt. was very difficult! Once I emailed Dr. Blumenkranz I was contacted ASAP.
Dr. Silva saved my eye after a MRSA attack for which I am very thankful.

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