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Professional Education
  • Fellowship: Stanford University Rheumatology and Immunology Fellowship, 1984
  • Medical Education: Stanford University School of Medicine, 1979
  • Internship: University of Washington Dept of Surgery, 1980
  • Residency: University of Washington Dept of Surgery, 1982

Patient Reviews

(104 reviews)

I have needed to see multiple specialists for health issues since age 16. Dr. Shoor is the best specialist I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.
All good experiences.
Can't say enough good things about Dr. Shoor! Top notch!!
Spent a lot of time with me have a lot of confidence in Dr. Shoor.
Dr. Shoor was communicative, interested in my issue and handled me with care.
Dr. Shoor is wonderful.
Great experience as knowledge of my rare disease. Excellent support and communication.
good experience
Dr. Shoor is a caring and very knowledgeable Doctor. We discussed several of my concerns and a path forward plan. One of the best doctors I have encountered. I would highly recommend him!
Is a very good doctor.
Totally Impressed!
Dr. Shoor explained complex diagnostic information and options in clear, accessible terms. He treated me and my concerns with respect. I appreciate the opportunity to be seen by him. His resident was also thorough and informative.
dr shoor is a top notch doctor. he is very considerate and generous with his time.
Dr. Shoor has been friendly and compassionate since we first met him in the hospital.
Dr. Shoor is a wonderful doctor: thoughtful, data-based, knowledgeable, and with a great bedside manner.
I have a chronic medical condition at the severe end of the expression of this disease. It often takes a long time to establish this understanding of the somewhat unique presentation and a while before my description of symptoms and condition are taken seriously by a provider. Dr. Shoor has always been understanding and accepting of my reports and thorough in my treatment.
I saw 3 doctors at this visit and all 3 were VERY concerned & curious about my recent health issues. I was very pleased and felt I was in the best hands possible.
The Best!!
seemed to care to talk only about issues related to my medications Enbrel and Plaqurnil. Showed no interest and made no comments about my other concerns and comments. Sat quietly looking at the computer screen or my file and made no comment at those times. Seemed to be uninterested and in a hurry to leave.
Dr. Shoor is wonderful. He represents the "old style" physician. He really listens to you. Even though my condition deteriorated over the years, he still instills hope and tries new treatments and approaches. I like his detailed after visit summation and instructions.
Dr. Shoor is very professional, knowledgeable, kind and practical & appreciated the time & thoughtful discussion we had. He is among the last physicians I have met at Stanford. He can provide thoughtful insights into my health situation.
Dr. Shoor is an excellent doctor.
I refer everyone who I think would benefit. I live 8 hours away from the clinic.
Dr. Shoor is an amazing doctor. His compassion he has for his patients is amazing. He is always thoughtful.
He or the drs. were very patient and explained to me my questions. #1. 2 doctor male and female.
An excellent provider! Very knowledgeable and most caring.
Dr. Shoor is pretty amazing. I've never had a doctor who treats me like an equal partner in my disease management like he does. It makes me nervous to think that some day he'll want to retire. I sure hope the rest of the practice at Stanford is as caring as he is.
Dr. Shoor is a very good provider, he explained my condition thoroughly as if I am his medical student (luckily I have medical background). I would recommend that Dr. Shoor to my family members if needed.
Dr. Shoor is always good about explaining so I can understand.
Dr. Shoor is an outstanding physician. He really cares about his patients. He explains treatment options very well. He writes very detailed visit notes. I have absolute confidence in him Most of all he shows compassion
I have absolute confidence in Dr. Shoor. He is very knowledgeable and caring. THANKS Dr. Shoor
Dr. Shoor gave me full attention in listening and examining my problem. He is a great asset to your institution.
Dr. Shoor is awesome! Very caring dr. I feel I'm in the best care available! Dr. is very professional & knowledgeable.
Dr. Shoor is excellent! Great knowledge, explains things well, also shows care & compassion.
He is very good.
My physician, Dr. Anna Postolova, was very easy to talk to. She cared about me and solving my situation. Would recommend her highly to anyone in need of professional help ~ her understanding and compassion were wonderful.
I think he seemed a bit more rushed than usual but still an excellent visit with all my questions answered - and very efficient.
Dr Shoor's recommendation of new treatment reassured me that it was the best way to go. My kidney doctor also recommended the same treatment as well.
the heartfelt compassion was and continues to be very welcome
Dr. Shoor conveyed concern & interest while engaging with me during my appointment. Not only does he have a very good bedside manner, he has a good sense of humor too.
Dr. Shoor is a wonderful doctor. skilled, approachable, patient, respectful.
I have 100% confidence in care provider.
Dr. Shoor and staff were outstanding
Dr, Shoor is always deeply knowledgable about my current health status and issues, caring, and right on top of what might happen next. Wonderful person, caring doctor.
he kept asking me why i was there, i was referred because of a positive blood test result but he kept asking what questions i had before he explained whqt the test was far, just awkward and frustrating
Dr Shoor is wonderful. I never feel as if I have to convince him of my pain. He is so caring and sincerely wants to help.
a much improved experience compared with my former provider
I am very confident, well inform, I am very happy & so lucky for being taking care of the best care provider.
never once did I feel that I was being talked down to
The care provider were very good, gave me understandable information.
The providers were very kind and patient and took their time to explain every thing related to treatment and diagnosis.
Dr. Shoor is an EXCELLENT doctor! I was put in the hospital by the ER and he saw me immediately when I was released.
Dr. Shoor is a great doctor. He always explains my lab results to me and compares them with previous. He's very thorough and always seems concerned with how I feel about everything, such as my treatment plan.
Dr. Baker is great. Gave options of medicine to treat my condition.
My mother came with me to this appointment. She was able to express her concerns and worries. Dr. Shoor not only answered questions to from me, he answered questions from my mother. He understands the disease affects the entire family.
Dr. Shoor is wonderful.
much better
professional, friendly and patience
dr shoot is amazing. patient understanding. I ask a million questions and he always answers them. I actually look forward to my appointments. Stanford raises the bar for healthcare. I refuse to go anywhere else
Dr. Shoor was phenomenal. He listened and acknowledged my concerns. He gave me excellent explanations of my problem and left with making me feel validated.
Always a good experience with Dr. Shoor. He is very understanding and very compassionate. Understand my problems and needs, always provides care accordingly. He is the best of all of my doctors.
I have never had a doctor spend an hour with me to discuss my health issues. This was a tremendous experience.
Not only was Dr Shoor able to answer questions I had so that I could understand, but he also answered questions from my family member, greatly putting mind at ease.
He explained everything, but most importantly he listened to me and understood how I felt. He knew my hands and joints were swollen and painful and so when he shook my hand, he did not squeeze it. That small act spoke volumes to me. Then when he examined me and saw the swelling, he understood my pain and he came up with a plan and included me in that plan.
Best explanation of my condition that I've had came from dr shoor. Very caring.
No bad experience.
Both Dr. Shoor and his resident took great care in their assessment of me, were thorough in their explanations. Even though I got squeezed in as their last patient before Christmas, they never seemed in the slightest bit rushed.
Not even PA. directly to great Dr. Mervin Shoor. Thx. Stanford.
Have no worries.
Dr. Shoor is always very warm and informative. Goes over my lab report in details and seems concerned with my well-being.
Very knowledgeable and experienced doctor. His personal touch in dealing with me makes a big positive impact. Would highly recommend him.
I did not feel rushed even though I needed more discussion time.
Dr. Shoor is truly amazing. Even when we don't know what is going on with me he doesn't give up. So helpful.
Dr. Shoor looked at my arthritis & other physical issues with total understanding of my past, attentiveness to my current state with a plan & referral, and thoughts about my future as a whole person.
Wonder experience. Excellent providers.
Dr. Shoor is amazing! He is by far the best doctor I have ever been to. I've never had a rheumatologist that treated me as an equal partner in my care, who obviously took time before my appointment to think about my care, and who does such a good job of making sure I get the care I need.
my provider is the best great person great attitude he listens to me, he answers my questions and best of all he shows that he cares about me health.
Good experience (also, with Dr. Collin Robertson).
Dr. Shoor is EXCELLENT!
Spectacular knowledgeable, caring doctor. I've given seminars to doctor re physician - pt. communication. Dr. Shoor EXCELS at knowing & communication with his pt.
Dr. Shoor is exceptional! Can we clone him?
Very positive first visit with Dr. Shoor.
During appointment, vocabulary was easy to understand. First time appointment can be awkward as you begin to establish a rapport. Subsequent emails for discussing treatment option were less clear and I had to get clarification on the terminology.
Dr. Shoor seems very concerned and compassionate. And it comes across as genuine.
Every Doctor, PA, Nurse and office staff have been great. Stanford saved my life and I am very grateful.
Dr. Shoor is one of the best doctors I have ever worked with.
He is everything I would want in a physician/specialist.
Definitely very good. Every things.
Very caring and I never felt rushed out.
Dr. Shoor has always been an excellent care provider for me. He offers many options and suggestions for my well being -
Overall experience! Made me feel as if I had control over my medical condition/we had a plan to treat every outcome.
Excellent experience.
I never felt rushed and appreciate that the doctor recognized my insurance challenges and offered some alternatives.
Have established excellent rapport.
Good experience. He seemed very knowledgeable about my case even though the records sent in the referral were incomplete.
Dr. Shoor is and will be one of my most trusted providers. To him a special thanks.
Excellent physician.
Very good experience.
I have never had a worse experience with a health care provider - before and that is saying a lot!
I have complex health issues & research a lot. Dr. Shoor always takes my input into account when formulating tx plans and also consults w/colleagues regarding me during appt.

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