Coping with Caregiving

The Neuroscience Supportive Care Program is offering a series of workshops for caregivers of persons living with memory loss. See flyers for more details.
Registration required.  Follow links next to each listing, call, or email us.

Bouncing Back - November 3rd
In this workshop, we will explore the factors that make up resilience and how resilience can affect your sense of well-being. Caregivers will create an Atlas CareMap - a visual representation of who is on their support team, and where the gaps are. You’ll leave with a draft of your Atlas CareMap, and tools to increase your sense of well-being to use at home.
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Being Heard - November 17th
The focus of the Being Heard workshop is communication. We'll start with an exploration of the foundation of communication - empathy, and then provide practical strategies for how to communicate with a person experiencing a memory loss disorder. There are also suggestions for how to get more help from family members who may be reluctant to get involved.
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Strategies for Stress - December 1st
The focus of the Strategies for Stress workshop is chronic stress management. We'll start with an examination of stress and each person’s unique pattern of stress response and the differences between stress and chronic stress. You'll learn two valuable yet simple stress management tools you can use at any time.
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Coping with Frustration - December 15th
Feeling frustrated, and at times angry, are understandable emotions, yet they can get in the way of successful caregiving. This workshop will focus on different strategies for managing these feelings, including learning to STOP before responding, and the need to walk away or take a break when necessary.
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Event Details

10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday
See series schedule for specific dates and registeration information.



To register or for questions, call or email us 650-721-8500