Shared Notes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Shared Notes?
Why would I want to read my notes?
How do I know if my doctor uses Shared Notes?
Where do I find my notes in MyHealth?
How soon after an appointment will I be able to see my notes?
Why can't I see any of my notes or a specific note I expected to see in MyHealth?
How will I know if I have a new note?
What if I have questions about the information in the note?
Whom should I contact if I have concerns about my note or if I found an error?

If you have concerns about your note, you can use a MyHealth message to contact the author, or you can call the clinic where you were seen. For non-urgent concerns, you may choose to talk to your care giver in person at your next appointment. 

If you wish to amend your medical record, please contact the Stanford Health Care Medical Records Department at 650-723-5721.

Can I share my note with others?