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Should I have my doctor send over my medical history?
What other forms do I have to fill out?
What is the Stanford Executive Medicine Program?
What procedures are performed?
How much time does the program take?
How is the program unique?
What can I expect from the experience?
May I schedule specialty consultations?
Do you offer male and female physicians?
Can I choose my doctor?
What should I bring with me during the day?
How should I dress for the appointment?
Do you have shower facilities available?
When should I expect to see my Personal Health Assessment & Plan?
How often do I need to come back to Stanford Executive Medicine?
Who do I call if I have more questions about my condition?

For Patients

Eating and Drinking

  • Fast for 8-12 hours prior to your lab appointment. Abstain from food, chewing gum, or beverages other than water. Normal water consumption is encouraged.
  • No food or beverages 2 hours prior to treadmill test. Sips of water are allowed. Avoid consuming coffee products 12 hours prior to treadmill test.
  • A light breakfast and lunch will be provided once certain tests are completed.


  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to slip on and off.
  • Bring athletic shoes and workout clothing for your Cardiovascular Assessment.
  • Safe and secure storage for your personal belongings is provided as needed.
  • Avoid wearing lotions, deodorants, or perfumes.

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