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Our classes are based on the innovative Dance for PD program designed by the Mark Morris Dance Group and the Brooklyn Parkinson Group. Using this method, professional dancers draw on their unique expertise to help people with Parkinson’s Disease and their caregivers engage sight, sound, touch, thought, and imagination to inspire movement and expression. Dancing in chairs, at a barre, or standing, experienced teaching artists lead participants in an enjoyable blend of modern dance, ballet, and social dancing. While strengthening, balancing, and moving in rhythm to live music, people with PD also experience the power of dance and music to sharpen attention, inspire, and empower. 

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Dance at Home
For an online library of dance videos that you can do at home, click here.

To watch the Stanford Medicine video of Dance for Parkinson's, click here.

The Stanford Supportive Care Program provides free classes, workshops, fitness classes, services, and support to all neuroscience patients regardless of where they receive their care.

1:30 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Every Monday and Friday
No class: 5/30, 6/3, 7/4, 7/8



For more information, call or email us. 650-721-8500

New Technology Used to Treat Parkinson's Disease

Deep brain stimulation has shown promise in treating conditions such as Parkinson's disease. This piece discusses how scientists are now using the technology to eavesdrop on problem neural circuits.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate a new medical approach, device, drug, or other treatment. As a Stanford Health Care patient, you may have access to the latest, advanced clinical trials.

Open trials refer to studies currently accepting participants. Closed trials are not currently enrolling, but may open in the future.

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For your convenience, you may check in for all same-day appointments at the Stanford Neuroscience Health Center through a centralized, check-in desk near the front lobby. In addition to all outpatient services, you also can access onsite pre-surgery consultations at the center.

Appointments are available by physician referral only. Ask your doctor's office to fax a letter of referral, contact information, insurance information and records to 650-723-6002. We will review your records and contact you about an appointment.


  • Bring any MRI or CT films
  • Plan to be at the clinic for one to two hours


  • To reorder a prescription, have your pharmacy call 650-723-4720 or fax a refill request to 650-725-0390.
  • For Movement Disorders Center information, call 650-736-0514.

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