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213 Quarry Road
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Care and Treatment of Vascular Malformations

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

How long does the typical appointment take?

How do I reschedule an appointment?

Call the Neuroscience Center at 650-723-6469.

How do I reorder a prescription?

Have your pharmacy call 650-723-4720.

Alternatively, fax refill requests to 650-725-0390.

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For Patients

For your convenience, you may check in for all same-day appointments at the Stanford Neuroscience Health Center through a centralized, check-in desk near the front lobby. In addition to all outpatient services, you also can access onsite pre-surgery consultations at the center.

Call us to make, change, or reschedule an appointment.

For pediatric patients, please visit our Vascular Anomalies Clinic at Stanford Children's Health.


  • Send medical records before your appointment.
  • Bring any MRI or CT films.
  • The length of your appointment may vary.
  • During your exam, the care team will review films, gather a lengthy medical history, do medical exams and discuss treatment options with you.


To reorder a prescription, have your pharmacy call 650-723-4720 or fax a refill request to 650-725-0390.

International Patients
Phone: +1 650-723-8561

For Health Care Professionals


To refer a new patient, call us at 650-723-6469. Fax a referral form with supporting documentation to 650-320-9443.