• Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  This allows us time to check you in, take vital signs and be roomed.  As Stanford is currently under construction, we recommend that you take advantage of the valet service offered in front the Cancer Center.  Should you choose to park and walk or take the tram, please plan accordingly to arrive on time.
  • Call 650-736-7440 for questions regarding your appointment time or to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • For follow up appointments with an MRI, we schedule approximately one month in advance.
  • Our practice does its best to keep track of labs and appointments. However, if you believe you have results waiting, an appointment to be scheduled, or a “chemo OK” and you have NOT heard from us as expected, PLEASE CALL.

Medical records and MRI scans:

  • You will likely request copies of your medical records for one of several reasons including a second opinion or for disability paperwork.  To have these records sent to you or another facility requires a release form to be signed.  You can download this form at
  • To get a copy of your MRI scan/s on a CD, contact the Film Library at 650-723-6717.

Primary care doctor:

  • Although we are here to help you navigate through your disease and treatment, there are still things that are best managed by your primary care doctor.  While we want to be informed of any fevers, or signs of infection- we will then direct you to your primary care physician for any necessary treatment, such as antibiotics.  If you do not have a primary care physician, please establish one as soon as possible.  If you would like your primary care to be here at Stanford, let us know, and we will place a referral to the Internal Medicine department for you.

Dental care:

You may think that the chemo drugs will head straight for your cancer but the truth is, they detour throughout your body, including your mouth.  To prevent damage to your teeth, make sure they are clean and free from disease BEFORE starting chemo.  Make an appointment to see your dentist today and be sure to mention your upcoming chemo treatment.

Dental instructions:

  • Make an appointment to see a dentist for an exam and cleaning BEFORE starting chemotherapy.
  • Do NOT have routine dental work except for cleanings above the gum line only while you are on chemotherapy.  If you have an urgent dental issue that needs attention, call the oncology office first for instructions.
  • Brush and floss after every meal, snack and before bedtime.
  • Use a soft toothbrush and soak it in water to soften it before brushing.
  • Make sure your mouthwash DOES NOT contain alcohol



Published April 2018                                           
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