Stanford Stroke Experts Advance Recognition of Stroke in Young People
Ryan Kennedy, 29, was airlifted to Stanford so experts here could treat his stroke. The condition is unusual in people his age. Not until doctors showed him a scan of his brain did Kennedy believe what was happening to him. When his first symptoms appeared—sudden dizziness, one-sided facial droop, and inability to speak clearly—he didn’t know what to think. Quick treatment saves brain function after a stroke—Kennedy is back to work and the active life he had before the stroke. Learn more about the Stanford Stroke Center:
How do the symptoms of stroke in young people differ from those in the older age group?
What is the average age for stroke?
How do the causes of stroke in young people differ from those in the older age group?
How does treatment of stroke in young people differ from that in the older age group?
Do young people recover from stroke at a different rate or level of function than older stroke patients?
How can young people reduce their risk for stroke? Is there an identified genetic risk?

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The Stanford Stroke Center is a pioneer in using the latest surgical techniques and innovative therapies to rapidly treat individuals experiencing a stroke.  

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