Latest Advances in Stroke Treatment
For anyone having a stroke, time is everything. Getting help quickly can make the difference between recovery and disability. You will take away an understanding of stroke risk factors and new stroke therapies from this discussion. Speaker: Jeremy Heit, MD Whatever your health or medical question may be, we can help you find answers. For free. Stanford Health Library's medical librarians are ready to help you find reliable information to answer your health-related questions. Ask us.
Innovative, Rapid Stroke Treatments Save Lives
More from BE FAST Bob here: Did you know our Stanford doctors are experts in the most advanced and effective treatment techniques for acute stroke? These innovative techniques can quickly re-establish blood flow to the brain for some strokes caused by blood clots. Rapid treatment can help you get back to your old self faster. Learn more about the Stanford Stroke Center:

Stenting of carotid or vertebral arteries and large cerebral veins involves use of a fine, tubular wire mesh to hold the vessel open.

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The Stanford Stroke Center is a pioneer in using the latest surgical techniques and innovative therapies to rapidly treat individuals experiencing a stroke.  

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