Questions to Ask During Your First Visit

Here are some questions to ask your care team as you begin treatment in the Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Program. 

  1. Do you have enough information to confirm a diagnosis? If not, what tests will I need?
  2. Do you recommend genetic counseling and/or testing for me?
  3. Whom can I talk to about preserving my fertility?
  4. How will my diagnosis be determined?
  5. What kind of treatment do you think would be best for me and why?
  6. What is “watchful waiting?” Is it an option for me?
  7. What risks should I know about before starting my treatment?
  8. What should I do to get ready for treatment?

Stanford Health Library

For confidential help with your health care questions, contact the Stanford Health Library. Professional medical librarians and trained volunteers can help you access journals, books, e-books, databases, and videos to learn more about medical conditions, treatment options, and related issues. Visit us at:

  • 875 Blake Wilbur, Palo Alto: First floor near the cafe, 650-736-1960
  • South Bay Cancer Center: Third floor lobby, 408-353-0197

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Current as of: 9/2019