Quantification of the gravity-dependent change in the C-arm image center for image compensation in fluoroscopic spinal neuronavigation Conference on Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 2001 Hariri, S., Abbasi, H. R., Chin, S., Steinberg, G., Shahidi, R. I O S PRESS. 2001: 177–179


In the quest to develop a viable, frameless spinal navigation system, many researchers are utilizing the C-arm fluoroscope. However, there is a significant problem with the C-arm that must be quantified: the gravity-dependent sag effect resulting from the geometry of the C-arm and aggravated by the inequity of weight at each end of the C-arm. This study quantified the C-arm sag effect, giving researchers the protocol and data needed to develop a program that accounts for this distortion. The development of spinal navigation algorithms that account for the C-arm sag effect should produce a more accurate spinal navigation system.

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