A polymorphism in the human timeless gene is not associated with diurnal preferences in normal adults. Sleep research online : SRO Pedrazzoli, M., Ling, L., Finn, L., Kubin, L., Young, T., Katzenberg, D., Mignot, E. 2000; 3 (2): 73-76


The effect of a single nucleotide polymorphism, a glutamine to arginine amino acid substitution in the human Timeless gene (Q831R, A2634G), on diurnal preferences was studied in a random sample of normal volunteers enrolled in a population-based epidemiology study of the natural history of sleep disorders. We genotyped 528 subjects for this single nucleotide polymorphism and determined morningness-eveningness tendencies using the Horne-Ostberg questionnaire. Our results indicate that Q831R Timeless has no influence on morningness- eveningness tendencies in humans.

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