Advances in the Management of Dupuytren Disease Collagenase HAND CLINICS Hentz, V. R., Watt, A. J., Desai, S. S., Curtin, C. 2012; 28 (4): 551-?


Dupuytren disease (DD) is a benign, generally painless connective tissue disorder affecting the palmar fascia that leads to progressive hand contractures. Mediated by myofibroblasts, the disease most commonly begins as a nodule in the palm or finger, and can progress where pathologic cords form leading to progressive flexion deformity of the involved fingers. The palmar skin overlying the cords may become excessively calloused and contracted and involved joints may develop periarticular fibrosis. Although there is no cure, the sequellae of this affliction can be corrected. This article focuses on the role of collagen in DD and the development of a collagen-specific enzymatic treatment for DD contractures.

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