Prevention of prostate cancer HEMATOLOGY-ONCOLOGY CLINICS OF NORTH AMERICA DePrimo, S. E., Shinghal, R., Vidanes, G., Brooks, J. D. 2001; 15 (3): 445-?


Strategies for reducing the occurrence of prostate cancers will be critical in limiting the morbidity and mortality of this disease. The long latency period of prostate tumors and improved understanding of prostate carcinogenesis suggest opportunities for effective preventive measures. Because androgen is integral to prostatic carcinogenesis, several preventive strategies under investigation target the androgen axis. Epidemiologic and basic studies implicate dietary factors in prostate cancer development and suggest that altering diet may influence prostate cancer risk and progression. Many of the micronutrients with preventive potential have antioxidant properties; cellular defenses against oxidative stresses are likely to be crucial in reducing prostate carcinogenesis. This article summarizes the current status and opportunities in prostate cancer prevention.

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