OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA AND NEAR MISS FOR SIDS .1. REPORT OF AN INFANT WITH SUDDEN-DEATH PEDIATRICS Guilleminault, C., Ariagno, R. L., Forno, L. S., Nagel, L., Baldwin, R., Owen, M. 1979; 63 (6): 837-843


An infant girl followed up from birth to death at the University Medical Center had "congenital stridor'' and a "near miss for SIDS'' event at 3 months of age. As part of an ongoing SIDS research project, she underwent 24-hour polygraphic monitoring at 21 weeks of age. Sudden infant death occurred within 30 hours after the polygraphic study. Polygraphic data obtained from this infant are compared with those from control infants and other infants with near miss for SIDS who were of similar ages. The number of mixed and obstructive respiratory events during sleep was abnormally high on the infant's recording. Histologic findings, involving particularly the midline structures of the brain stem, are discussed.

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