A versatile system for multimodality image fusion. Journal of image guided surgery Hemler, P. F., Sumanaweera, T. S., van den Elsen, P. A., Napel, S., Adler, J. 1995; 1 (1): 35-45


This paper presents a versatile system for registering and visualizing computed tomography and magnetic resonance images. The system utilizes a semi-automatic, surface-based registration strategy which has proven useful for registering a number of different anatomical structures. A triangular mesh approximates surfaces in one image set while a set of surface points is used as a surface approximation in the other set. A non-linear optimization procedure determines the transformation that minimizes the total sum-squared perpendicular distance between triangles of the mesh and surface points. This system has been used without modification to successfully register images of the brain, spine and calcaneus.

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