Inhibition of nucleoside transport by p38 MAPK inhibitors JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY Huang, M., Wang, Y. H., Collins, M., Gu, J. J., Mitchell, B. S., Graves, L. M. 2002; 277 (32): 28364-28367


While investigating the ability of p38 MAPK to regulate cytarabine (Ara C)-dependent differentiation of erythroleukemia K562 cells, we observed effects that indicated that the imidazoline class of p38 MAPK inhibitors prevented nucleoside transport. Incubation of K562 cells with SB203580, SB203580-iodo, or SB202474, an analogue of SB203580 that does not inhibit p38 MAPK activity, inhibited the uptake of [3H]Ara C or [3H]uridine and the differentiation of K562 cells. Consistent with the effects of these compounds on the nitrobenzylthioinosine (NBMPR)-sensitive equilibrative nucleoside transporter (ENT1), incubation with SB203580 or SB203580-iodo eliminated the binding of [3H]NBMPR to K562 cells or membranes isolated from human erythrocytes. Furthermore, using a uridine-dependent cell type (G9c), we observed that SB203580 or SB203580-iodo efficiently inhibited the salvage synthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides in vivo. Thus these studies demonstrate that the NBMPR-sensitive equilibrative nucleoside transporters are novel and unexpected targets for the p38 MAPK inhibitors at concentrations typically used to inhibit protein kinases.

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