Transverse Tensor Fascia Lata Myocutaneous Flap for Microvascular Breast Reconstruction Case Report and Review of the Literature ANNALS OF PLASTIC SURGERY Zeidler, K. R., Son, J. H., Carey, J. N., Watt, A. J., Ho, O. H., Lee, G. K. 2013; 70 (4): 438-441


The transverse tensor fascia lata (TTFL) flap is an important alternative flap for autologous breast reconstruction. It is a horizontal variant of the tensor fascia lata myocutaneous flap and contains fat from the prominence of the upper lateral thigh (saddle bag). We present the surgical management of a woman with trochanteric lipodystrophy, who underwent staged bilateral mastectomy and autologous breast reconstruction with TTFL flaps. We discuss technical points in TTFL flap design and harvest. Breast reconstruction was successful and the thigh donor sites had excellent aesthetic contour. There were no complications at either recipient or donor sites. The TTFL flap is an important alternative flap for autologous breast reconstruction when other options are less optimal, and has a secondary benefit of thigh donor site closure with lateral thigh lift techniques. The TTFL flap should be presented as an option for autologous breast reconstruction in women with prominent trochanteric lipodystrophy of the upper lateral thighs.

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