Thalantic projections to the posteromedial cortex in the macaque JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE NEUROLOGY Buckwalter, J. A., Parvizi, J., Morecraft, R. J., Van Hoesen, G. W. 2008; 507 (5): 1709-1733


The medial parietal, posterior cingulate, and retrosplenial cortices collectively constitute a region of cortex referred to as the posteromedial cortices (PMC). In an effort to shed light on the neuroanatomical organization of the PMC, we undertook a study to identify and analyze the thalamocortical connections of these cortices. Retrograde tracer injections were placed in the posterior cingulate (PCC), retrosplenial (RSC), medial parietal cortices (MPC), and posterior cingulate sulcus (PCS), and the labeling patterns within the thalamus were analyzed. Three afferent projection patterns were observed to the PMC from the thalamus: a PCC/RSC pattern that involved the anterior thalamic nuclei, an MPC pattern that involved the lateral posterior and pulvinar nuclei, and a PCS pattern that involved the ventral thalamic nuclei. Additionally, a shared pattern of projections from the anterior intralaminar nuclei (AILN) and posterior thalamic nuclei (PTN) to all cortical regions of the PMC was observed. Our findings suggest that distinct regions within the PMC are supplied by distinctive patterns of thalamic input, but also share common projections from intralaminar and posterior thalamic sources. In addition, we relate our findings to functional abnormalities in aging and dementia, and address a domain-like pattern of thalamocortical labeling of the PMC that is drawn selectively and collectively from multiple thalamic nuclei.

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