Fetal wound repair: where do we go from here? Seminars in pediatric surgery Stelnicki, E. J., Chin, G. S., Gittes, G. K., Longaker, M. T. 1999; 8 (3): 124-130


In contrast to adult wound healing, early-gestation fetal skin wound healing occurs rapidly, in a regenerative fashion, and without scar formation. The accelerated rate of healing, relative lack of an acute inflammatory response, and an absence of neovascularization distinguishes fetal from adult wound healing. However, this remarkable ability of the fetus to heal without scarring still remains poorly understood. The uncertainties include the role of cytokines, extracellular matrix components, homeobox genes, and certain cell types in the scarless wound repair process. Nevertheless, some strides have been made within the last two decades. This report, discusses the current knowledge of the mechanisms and characteristics of scarless fetal wound healing. Furthermore, to shy away from being just another all inclusive review, the authors point out deficiencies in the knowledge base on this important topic. Last, the future direction of research is discussed that may elucidate the mechanisms regulating the scarless repair phenomena.

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