Arousal and upper airway resistance (UAR) SLEEP MEDICINE Guilleminault, C., Poyares, D. 2002; 3: S15-S20


The objective of this study is to investigate upper airway resistance (UAR) in infants and children and presence/absence of electroencephalogram (EEG) arousal.Polysomnography with nasal cannula/pressure transducer and esophageal manometry; pattern recognition of sleep disordered breathing (SDB) in children. Identification of visually scored arousals in response to SDB. Power spectrum analysis of EEG associated with SDB.Several breathing patterns and change in heart rate (HR) can be seen with abnormal UAR during sleep. SDB may end with or without visual arousal. Power spectrum analysis shows different EEG patterns with termination of UAR and SDB. HR is also variably modified.Airway reopening and decline in UAR is associated with variable central nervous system activation and only intermittently with arousals.

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